Independent: Olmert accuses Netanyahu of unnecessarily prolonging Gaza war

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert accused Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of unnecessarily prolonging the war in Gaza and obstructing the path to peace while kidnapped hostages were left to die.

In an exclusive statement to British newspaper The Independent, Olmert strongly condemned Netanyahu's arrogance and “manipulation” as the cause of catastrophic security failures, and allowed the October 7 attack by the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas). Due to which the current conflict broke out.

He also warned that the “messianic nationalists and right-wing extremists” whom the Prime Minister had brought into the ruling coalition in Israel were hindering the urgent need for agreement, and his vision of liberating Palestinians for a “Greater Israel”. Were planning.

sharp criticism

Olmert's sharp criticism came as Netanyahu rejected the latest international effort for a ceasefire and declared that the war would continue until complete victory, the newspaper reported.

“Israel has received tremendous support from Western leaders, from Rishi Sunak in Britain, from Olaf Schulze in Germany, from Emmanuel Macron in France and of course from Joe Biden, who I know very well,” Olmert told the British newspaper. “

He added, “They have faced opposition to this support from some people at home. How long will they be able to continue this support if this Israeli government does not even open a narrow window that could eventually lead to a peace agreement That ends this war.” ,

Olmert says a ceasefire should be followed by all possible efforts to free the hostages who are still being held. He considered it foolish to do so and continue the “military campaign”, which was no longer defensible while the hostages (prisoners) remained in captivity; This would be “absolutely unforgivable” and something Israel would never forget.

hide the government's failure

Olmert indicated that Netanyahu is trying to hide his government's failure to stop the Hamas offensive by continuing military action, which clearly does not achieve its goals.

He said Netanyahu is trying to pretend it never happened. He talks about destroying Hamas and removing it from existence and this is not humanly possible and cannot be achieved. It is impossible to destroy an underground hidden organization surrounded by civilians in the world's most crowded urban centers.

According to Olmert, even if the war ends, Netanyahu remains committed to pursuing policies that will seriously harm Israel.

Olmert said: “Israel should not have an occupation force in Gaza. That would be a very serious mistake. What should happen is that there should be an international force presence there with a strong Western presence. It should be supported by the people in this government. There are plans to control.” West Bank too. Do we really want to impose occupation on 5 million Palestinians and deprive them of basic human rights, freedom of expression and freedom of movement?

Olmert continued: “I know that after the Hamas attack the tide of public opinion turned against the idea of ​​a Palestinian state. But I believe that people will come to terms with the need for a Palestinian state in a relatively short time; so There is no alternative that can be successful.” He pointed out that Netanyahu, who is now criticizing the withdrawal from Gaza, had voted in favor of it.

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