Girl Hind's body was found 12 days after she was surrounded by occupying tanks.


Al Jazeera correspondent reported that the bodies of Palestinian girl Hind Rajab, 6, and five members of her family were found 12 days after contact with her was lost, when Israeli occupation tanks surrounded her inside a vehicle and members of her relatives. killed. Near a gas station in Gaza.

The Palestinian News and Information Agency (Wafa) also reported that Martyr Hind's family found his body and the bodies of those in the vehicle on Saturday morning, surrounded by captured tanks around the “Finance Roundabout”. in the Tal al-Hawa neighborhood, where his family members were immediately martyred, while he and his cousin Liyan (14 years old) survived for some time.

For its part, the Palestinian Red Crescent announced the discovery of the bodies of two martyred paramedics after losing track of the mission to save little girl Hind 12 days earlier. It said the capture deliberately targeted the ambulance vehicle at a distance of meters from the vehicle. Children of Hind's family.

Palestinian Red Crescent spokesman Raed al-Nims told Al Jazeera that his ambulance team went to try to save the child, Hind, after coordinating with international organizations. He confirmed that the Israeli occupation deliberately targeted Palestinian Red Crescent crews with killings and arrests.

In an interview with Al Jazeera, Samih Hamada, the uncle of martyred girl Hind, said that the family found the bodies of Hind and five other relatives inside the vehicle in which they were travelling. He said that their bodies were decomposing 12 days after they were shot by the occupation army's bullets.

He said the impacts indicated he was hit on the ground after bullets sprayed the car in which he was traveling.

The issue of loss of communication with Hind, when she was trapped in a vehicle surrounded by occupation forces and surrounded by the bodies of her martyred relatives, shocked the conscience of the world, especially the loss of contact with the ambulance crew. After. To protect him.

The Palestinian Red Crescent Society said last Saturday that it still did not know the fate of the child and the team that went to rescue him in Gaza City, although more than 110 hours had passed since the incident.

The association said in a statement published at the time

In an interview with Al Jazeera last week, the child's mother, Hind, appealed to international institutions and organizations to take action to find her daughter, who has been missing for a week, and reveal her fate.

Wissam criticized the silence of international human rights organizations and United Nations organizations as they do not take action to search for her missing daughter.

It is notable that the tragedy occurred when captured tanks moving around the “Financial Roundabout” in the Tal al-Hawa neighborhood, southwest of Gaza City, targeted a civilian car of Bashar Hamada, carrying his wife and child Mohammed. Were included. (11 years old), Layan (14 years old), and Raghad (13 years old), and his younger niece. Hind.

The child, Layan, was declared dead after she spoke on the phone to the Crescent Crescent crew asking for help, while Hind remained trapped inside the vehicle surrounded by occupied tanks and soldiers.

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