For those who have limited time… 6 Global Platforms for Free Distance Learning

Free online courses are one of the easiest ways to gain knowledge and experience without spending a lot of effort or expense. Free online education sites help you learn courses without leaving your home.

In addition to saving time, effort and money, educational programs are often provided by the best universities and experts in the field through audio and video recordings, articles and e-books, making them an ideal option for people with limited time and multiple commitments. Makes choices. ,

Below we review the most popular platforms that offer the opportunity to learn the best free online training courses.

  • Coursera

One of the best options for online education, Coursera provides access to training courses provided by experts from various universities and colleges around the world, as the site has partnered with various leading universities, making its content available to students at a distance. Has become one of the most trusted sites in the field. Education.

This platform is specialized in focusing on university courses, in addition to over a thousand free videos and accredited certificate programs, through which one can easily change academic specialization to obtain an accredited university degree.

Although some courses are free, each individual course may have a fee for certificates or additional features, some of which may last from 1 to 4 years, such as university studies.

Free online education sites help you learn courses without leaving your home (Getty)

The free courses available through the site cover a variety of fields including information technology, health, business, beauty, fashion, business administration, creative writing, etc. There are a limited number of courses in Arabic, but some of the most successful educational courses include: These platforms are:

  • The “Programming for All” diploma course offered by the University of Michigan has more than 3 million participants.
  • The course “Learn How to Learn: Mental Tools to Help You Master the Study of Difficult Subjects” is a course offered by the DTS Education Foundation in the US with over 3.7 million course participants.
  • The “Mindfulness Transformation: Overcoming Barriers to Learning and Discovering Your Hidden Potential” course, offered by McMaster University in the United States, has almost half a million enrollments.
  • edx:

Similar to Coursera, edX offers courses from various universities and institutions. It offers many training courses for free, and you can pay for a certificate upon completion of the course, and the site also offers paid options for more benefits.

Instead of searching for suitable online colleges one by one, this site provides access to courses from 160 universities such as Harvard University, Boston University, and many other universities.

Among the most successful free courses on this platform are:

  • Introduction to Computer Science, presented by Harvard University.
  • Introduction to Computer Science and Programming using Python from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
  • A preparation course for the IELTS Academic English Test offered by the University of Queensland.
  • Khan Academy:

Khan Academy is a non-profit educational platform that offers free online courses, lessons, and training on a variety of subjects, primarily targeting pre-university students from Kindergarten to 12th grade.

The educational platform was first started by Indian-American Salman Amin Khan when he wanted to teach math to his cousin. This platform has now grown into a huge team that offers a site specialized in providing high-level educational skills.

Distance learning platforms help students develop their skills (Pixel)

The site does not offer any courses in Arabic, focusing primarily on various sciences and fields of study in English only.

Among the most popular training courses offered through the site are:

'How to encourage your child to learn happily from a distance' is a brief guide in English for parents to enhance reading, writing, numeracy and social skills in children aged 2-7 years at home.

A guide to the best steps to support English language learners, in which you learn how to effectively use the Academy for English Language Learners, expert advice and comprehensive guidelines for the free educational tools available on the site.

  • master Class:

While some platforms have thousands of courses, MasterClass offers a limited and selected number of courses. There are just over 100 courses offered at any one time, delivered by selected experts and renowned professionals in their fields, from cooking and acting to physics and cinematography.

In general, this site offers courses with unofficial content, so it may not be the best option for you if you're trying to earn a master's degree online.

Despite the generally high cost of courses on this platform, some topics and episodes are offered for free to learn more about a specialization.

Among the most popular training courses on the site:

  • A course to learn the art of writing mystery and fantasy with Dan Brown, American author of “The Da Vinci Code”.
  • Cooking course with international chef Gordon Ramsay.
  • Udemy:

Udemy is a platform through which professors design and sell each training course as per their expertise, experience and teaching style. However, many trainers also offer free courses covering a variety of topics from academic science to self-development courses, public speaking, digital content writing, and more.

The site contains a large number of courses and courses, more than 150,000 courses in various fields, with more than 900 million course enrollments from different countries in the world. However, negative aspects of the site include purchasing some courses independently rather than a comprehensive monthly subscription.

The site offers thousands of training programs in English and a limited number of courses in Arabic or for learning Arabic for non-native speakers.

Among the most popular free courses on the site in terms of number of members:

  • A complete course in the Java Operating System for beginners.
  • Introduction to Programming Using Python.
  • Web design course for beginner website developers.

Alison's platform and website offers free online courses and diplomas in a limited number of subjects such as marketing, health, humanities, science and technology.

The excellent advantage of this Irish platform is that everyone can buy it, there is free (ad-supported) access to study on the site, and thousands of courses are available in different specializations, the only drawback is that it does not offer the possibility Is to obtain a degree from a recognized university on completion of the course.

Among the most popular free courses offered on the site are:

  • Introduction to digital photography.
  • First Aid Course: Advanced Cardiac First Aid Aid.
  • Introduction to caring for the elderly and disabled.

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