Experts and analysts: Egypt and the US can stop any Israeli operation in Rafah

Experts and analysts say that the expected Israeli military operation in Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip, is primarily linked to the American and Egyptian positions, they believe that the United States does not disapprove of this operation, As he says in his official statements.

Despite the White House's declaration of rejection of any military action in the area, which contains more than one million displaced people, Dr. Mustafa Barghouti, Secretary-General of the Palestinian National Initiative, believes that Washington has given the green light to do so. Has given. Massacre.

Barghouti hosted the program “Gaza… What Next?” He said during his participation in the UN that stopping the process depends on the amount of US pressure on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, “who wants to escalate his war against the Palestinians.” Protect yourself.”

However, Barghouti expressed his belief that US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken had given Israel Washington's blessing for this operation during his recent visit to Tel Aviv, noting that each of Blinken's visits has been preceded by a major Israeli escalation in the Gaza Strip. It happened after.

displacement is the goal

The same opinion was shared by military expert Major General Faiz al-Duwairi, who said that displacing Palestinians out of the occupied territories was a stated goal from the beginning of the war, especially since Israel was trying to “crush the Islamic resistance movement Hamas”. was talking. There is a lot of exaggeration in Rafa as they failed to achieve this goal in the south and center zone.

Furthermore, the process being talked about in Rafah is divided into two parts, one of which concerns the transfer of displaced people from the area, and this raises a fundamental question about the place Where the displaced will be relocated, according to Al-Duvairi.

Given Israel's refusal to return displaced people to their homes in the northern Gaza Strip and to establish a safe zone there, the transfer of displaced people will only take place towards Egyptian territory, which is still witnessing intense fighting, according to Khan Younis. Is. Military expert.

Egypt and America

Based on these data, the two influential factors in this process are the Egyptian and American positions because they can exert effective influence – according to the opinion of al-Duwairi – who said, “Washington can immediately withhold military and political support, while Egypt can Can stop the process if it takes a tough stance.”

In the same context, political analyst Muhammad Halsa believes that Netanyahu is pursuing his path regardless of any internal or external pressure, and that the US position is the only one capable of stopping the upcoming operation in Rafah, and that ” ” Is. Serious” from their point of view.

From this perspective, stopping this operation, according to Halassa, “depends on the resistance's ability to inflict heavy losses on the ranks of the Israeli army that would force it to retreat, or force Washington to reconsider its position, which would is unlikely.”

Regarding Egypt's position, al-Barghouti said that Cairo completely rejects the displacement of residents of the Gaza Strip, even threatening to suspend the “Camp David” agreement with Israel , he said, “Egypt knows very well that Sinai will turn into a plain.” If Gazans are displaced from there, a situation of conflict will arise.

But Barghouti believes a strong Arab position is needed to support Egypt in this crisis, as the displacement of the Gaza population to the Sinai would coincide with the displacement of the West Bank population to Jordan.

The Wall Street Journal quoted sources as saying that Egypt threatened Israel to suspend the Camp David agreements and mobilize a military force on the border with Gaza.

Al-Duwairi believes that Egypt has several cards through which it can stop the Rafah operation, emphasizing that “in this case there is no need for a military buildup on the border, but just a decisive “Decisions need to be taken that Israel will not be able to bypass.”

He concluded that Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi could “stop all these actions without the need for an emergency Arab summit or decisions that everyone knows will not be implemented.”

Barghouti reiterated that the failure of US President Joe Biden's administration to stop this operation means that the next Ramadan will be “the month of greatest explosions” in the West Bank and perhaps the entire region, stressing that the United States and Britain “has been a participant in this trilateral aggression from the very first moment.”

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