Bodies recovered from areas in Gaza from which occupation forces had partially withdrawn

Today, Saturday, hours after the partial Israeli withdrawal from areas west of Gaza City, Palestinians recovered several bodies of martyrs thrown on the streets.

Local sources reported that the bodies of many martyrs killed by the Israeli army were transferred to the city's Baptist Hospital, especially from areas that saw a partial withdrawal of the army, namely universities, battalions and industrial confluences.

Some of these bodies were transported “by primitive means behind horse-drawn carts”.

Video footage also documented the extent of the extensive bulldozing operation carried out by Israeli forces inside main roads and intersections in the universities and industry area in the al-Rimal neighborhood in Gaza City.

According to Anadolu Agency correspondent, many of the martyrs were recovered from centers sheltering displaced people, which were direct Israeli targets.

Eyewitnesses reported that many injured people were in the al-Katibah area and appealed for them to be evacuated to receive treatment, as it was not possible to transport them due to their health conditions.

Figures regarding the number of martyrs detected following the Israeli withdrawal were not immediately released by the Palestinian Health Ministry.

This partial withdrawal also revealed widespread destruction of homes and infrastructure and the burning of those homes that were not leveled.

massive destruction

In the same context, video visuals show the widespread devastation caused by Israeli bombardment and incursions in the Tal al-Hawa neighborhood of Gaza City over the past nearly two weeks.

Israeli planes completely destroyed a Cairo residential tower. It is one of the most prominent towers in the neighborhood.

After about 15 days, the besieged residents left their homes and were surprised by the extent of the devastation, destruction and bombardment that occurred in the area, buildings and residential houses.

An eyewitness said: “Israeli quadcopter drones were firing at inhabited and uninhabited houses 4 times a day, and we were taking shelter on the ground floor.”

An eyewitness from the area said: “The days were very difficult. We were not getting food and the conditions were very disturbing.”

Families took to the streets to collect wood and materials to light fires to prepare food.

lack of water and food

Another eyewitness described the conditions of siege of residents in the neighborhood: “We decided to stay in our homes with the Israeli army intruding, because the army targets residents when they go out and targets them in the streets. We stayed there.” Our home despite the lack of water and food, and we equated leaving with the equation of death.

He added, “When the Israeli army withdraws, we look for water and wood to light a fire to prepare food for the children.”

A girl trapped during the Israeli incursion said: “We faced firing from Israeli drones and vehicles. We stayed inside the ground floor. I was feeling difficult because of the bombardment. We went through a siege for the first time, and then “After that we tried to secure food, and then we entered the second siege.”

Starting in mid-December, the army gradually began to withdraw from areas of the northern Gaza Governorate, followed by a partial withdrawal from neighborhoods and areas of the Gaza Governorate in early last January.

From time to time, some areas of Gaza and the Northern Provinces see partial advances by Israeli vehicles as part of maneuvers, during which forces conduct military operations and withdraw again a few days later.

Israel has continued its military aggression in various areas of the Gaza Strip as part of its ground offensive that began on October 27.

Since last October seven, Israel has been waging a devastating war on the Gaza Strip, which, in addition to creating an unprecedented humanitarian disaster and massive destruction of infrastructure, has resulted in thousands of civilian victims, the majority of whom are children and women. To appear before the International Court of Justice in Tel Aviv on charges of “genocide”.

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