An Israeli rabbi calls for immediate conscription of ultra-Orthodox Jews

An Israeli Jewish rabbi issued an urgent appeal to the ultra-Orthodox (Haredim) to immediately join the army like other reserve soldiers, and without even waiting for a vote on a law in this regard.

Israeli Rabbi Shai Biron – a former education minister – in an article titled “Let them enlist now and wait for the law” in the Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper, said that volunteering to participate in prayers for those fighting in the field Religious people are not enough anymore. , because they are not part of the scene and their children are no longer dead in coffins. , as he says.

He said that in the war that Israel is waging, the army is now in dire need of a large number of soldiers and that Haredim will have to immediately join military service, but the law on their conscription can wait.

Biron wrote that the Haredim are aware that currently more than half of the army's deaths in Gaza are reserve soldiers, and he proposed a “flexible partnership” to make the effort to recruit them succeed.

According to this partnership, Peron proposed allowing the ultra-Orthodox to have their own brigades, which could be formed without any outside influence while continuing their lives as “Haredim”.

He said that disagreements with this segment of Israeli society are deep and unambiguous, including disagreements over the nature of the state and the status of the Zionist movement, reminding that their refusal to enlist is primarily due to their refusal to become an essential part of the Zionist movement. reason. Of the state.

According to Biron, the moment of truth has arrived in the history of the Haredi movement and cannot be ignored. He said that the theory which claims that their recruitment would occur as a natural outcome of a long process has failed, and he urged that members of this class should not trust politicians who offer them collective immunity. They promise voting success for the legislation. Because people refuse to do it, and because the rules of the game have changed.

Recently, the crisis of participation of religious Jews (Haredim) in the occupation army came to the fore in light of the Israeli aggression on Gaza, as religious Jewish leaders reiterated their opposition to conscription into the occupation army and emphasized that Their role is to study the Torah.

Haredim participation in the military is one of the most sensitive and tense issues in Israeli society, as secularists oppose religious Jews not being drafted and receiving benefits beyond the benefits they provide to Israel.

Al-Aqsa Flood Since the beginning of the war, Israeli media reports have indicated the willingness of religious Jews to be recruited into the army to participate in the war, despite official dispensation from this mission.

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