A Palestinian in Gaza: We die without any warning and without any echo of our cry for help

In light of ongoing Israeli attacks, Palestinian Ayman described the lives of Gaza City residents in poignant terms, saying, “We die without any warning and without any echo of our calls for help.”

In a tragic moment, as Ayman was sitting in his home in the al-Darraj neighborhood in the east of Gaza City, the house, which housed 137 people, including displaced persons, collapsed on his head. Without warning, Israeli warplanes dropped a large missile, causing deaths and injuries.

The civilian continued to speak to Anadolu Agency, lying on the ground at Baptist Hospital next to his son, who was wounded in the leg, saying, “This internationally banned missile brought down a 6-story house.”

On the other hand, the government media office in Gaza announced that Israel is using internationally banned weapons against civilians, children and women in the Strip, as part of a wider war against Gaza's residents.

life is hard in the strip

During his speech, Ayman pointed out that life before the beginning of the Israeli invasion of the Gaza Strip was difficult, and now it has become much worse. He further said, “I am a citizen who lived a simple life every day at a time. We live with a little bit of everything. Why is my house being targeted? What is our fault?”

The citizen pointed out that because of the situation in Gaza the words “help us” or “help us” addressed to the world are in fact very few and have no resonance.

Ayman expressed his hope for an end to the war and the rebuilding of homes and said he wanted to see his children get well. They reported that the Israeli army wanted them to leave their homes, but they refused to do so, indicating that there was nothing left for them today but to stand firm and would not give up.

The civilian confirmed, “We will remain stable in Gaza, and even if they kill all our children, we will remain there.” He condemned any Israeli efforts to displace residents of the Gaza Strip from their lands, asking, “This is our homeland, to whom should we leave it?”

Since the beginning of the Israeli invasion of the Gaza Strip, Israeli reports have spread about the idea of ​​displacing Palestinians into the Egyptian Sinai Desert through a “mass exodus”.

Late last October, the Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported that the Intelligence Ministry had prepared a study examining three options for the post-war phase of the war in Gaza, including the idea of ​​displacing the population to the Sinai.

Since Operation Al-Aqsa Flood, Israel has been waging a devastating war on Gaza, which as of Friday had resulted in the deaths of 27,947 Palestinians and the wounding of 67,459 others, the majority of whom were children and women. According to Palestinian and international reports, the war also caused widespread destruction of infrastructure, causing an “unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe”.

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