9 martyrs in one week.. Palestinian police leaders continue to be captured in Rafah

Three Palestinian police officers were martyred today, Saturday, as a result of an Israeli bombardment of their car in the city of Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip, bringing the number of police martyrs to 9 in less than a week.

Palestinian media said that the director of the Rafah investigation, Ahmed al-Yakoubi, was martyred as a result of the bombing of his car, along with his deputy Ayman al-Rantisi and the head of the supply investigation department, Ibrahim Shattat. In the Tal al-Sultan neighborhood of Rafah city.

Last Tuesday, Palestinian police announced the death of six of their members while providing humanitarian aid.

He said in a statement – ​​that 6 police officers were martyred as a result of an Israeli bombardment of their car while they were providing humanitarian aid in the Khirbet al-Adas neighborhood in Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip.

Despite the ongoing fierce fighting between resistance groups and Israeli occupation forces in many areas in the south and north of the Strip, members of the Palestinian police remained noticeably visible in many areas of Gaza.

The Associated Press quoted Gaza civilians and an official of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) as saying that the movement had begun deploying police forces and civil servants near government offices and hospitals in the northern and southern Gaza Strip, and Their distribution has also started. monthly salary.

The US agency interpreted the re-appearance of Hamas police in Gaza City as evidence of the movement's persistence, despite air and ground attacks launched against it by Israel during the past four months.

The Israeli army's military spokesman, Daniel Hagari, said a month before the withdrawal that they had completed destroying the military structure of the Hamas movement in the northern and central Gaza Strip, and had killed thousands of militants, and they had Khan was close to eliminating the movement's fighters in Yunis in the Gaza Strip.

Since last October seven, Israel has been waging a devastating war on the Gaza Strip, which, in addition to creating an unprecedented humanitarian disaster and massive destruction of infrastructure, has resulted in thousands of civilian victims, the majority of whom are children and women. To appear before the International Court of Justice in Tel Aviv on charges of “genocide”.

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