There is no justice…a documentary exposing the secrets of the American judiciary


“There's no justice in this, there's so much that could be said that will never be said,” was how one of Jeffrey Epstein's victims described it after his suicide and that survivors would like him to be properly punished for his injustice. Were unable to see what happened. And deviation.

We believe in survivors

Although the suicide of American billionaire Epstein occurred in 2019, and the Netflix platform did not release the mini-documentary series “Jeffrey Epstein: Extraordinary Rich” until 2020, the producers of the series began to implement it in 2018, before Epstein's sudden arrest. and the case returned to the media spotlight, and at the time they were not. He had considerable confidence that the work would come to light, especially in light of the difficulty in obtaining testimony from victims and the hesitation of many women to participate.

However, at the insistence of the series' writer and director, Lisa Bryant, and the courage of the few survivors, this work was released to the public, even though it could not be described in depth or with documents and evidence, because Everything that was said in it came from the words of the victims, not from the words of Epstein himself or those close to him.

However, there is no denying the importance of these documentaries and the fact that they reveal the secrets of the American justice system, and how people with political or material influence can bend the arm of the state and the law and tip the scales of justice. can do .

Who is Jeffrey Epstein?

Epstein was born in 1953 in New York. He was so intelligent that because of his abilities he did not leave school for many years. Although he did not obtain a university degree, he was able to deceive and work as a teacher without anyone realizing his lies.

This was just the beginning. After that, he worked in investment banking and then founded his own company. Due to his tremendous ability to persuade, which enabled him to always achieve what he wanted, he succeeded in establishing a network of relationships with celebrities and politicians until he became one of the biggest businessmen. And did not become one of the elite.

No one knew that he was a pervert who committed numerous crimes against underage girls over many years.

Although painter Maria Farmer and her teenage sister Annie had previously reported to the FBI that Epstein had attacked them in 1996, the latter, through his influence, was able to get out of the impasse without any punishment.

deal of the century

In 2005, Palm Beach police returned to investigate after a woman accused him of molesting her teenage stepdaughter, and police began collecting evidence of Epstein's behavior.

Once again, Epstein's influence prevailed over justice, as his lawyers were able to make what was known at the time as the “deal of the century”, whereby he avoided life imprisonment and was granted non-prosecution in 2007. Compromise was given. and people from his circle who were involved with him, and the case against him was suspended for a period of 18 months in exchange for a prison sentence and he was released to work 12 hours a day, 6 days a week , during which he could. meet friends, work and enjoy his life, before he was released on conditional probation after only 13 months, which shocked many of the police officers monitoring the case, and failed the victims, Some of whose lives were destroyed after his demise. The cases were exposed and newspapers published their photographs and factual information.

Who killed Epstein?

In 2018, Epstein came into focus again after a newspaper highlighted U.S. Attorney General Alexander Acosta's role in negotiating the “deal of the century”, which resulted in the decision to detain Epstein.

On August 10, 2019, when people close to him had abandoned him and he was awaiting the court's verdict on charges related to sexual assault on girls, he was found hanging in his cell.

According to forensic medicine, the incident was recorded as suicide, although there are several theories that believe she was killed so that all secrets would die with her, including those adopted by Mark, the forensic expert hired by Epstein's brother. Mysteries also include confirmation that Epstein did not commit suicide, and evidence of some fractures in his neck. Which are not made by hanging, but by suffocation.

In addition to medical reasons, there are also some other underlying signs that are suspicious, such as the guards who were assigned to protect her and check on her every half hour, but they decided to sleep on the night of her death, which Was a failure. Surveillance cameras, and his cellmate who was transferred without being replaced by someone else. Can all these details come together? Coincidence on the same day that Epstein decided to commit suicide?

However, this issue is still subject to returning to the spotlight at any time, and thus we may see other documentaries in the future that introduce us to details we don't realize today.

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