Social Development Forum in Qatar: Recommendations to strengthen social protection and tackle poverty

Couplet- Confronting abnormal trends, enhancing social protection, continuing efforts to develop society, fighting poverty and unemployment, and adhering to Arab principles and customs are among the many recommendations that emerged in the Doha Pledge at the conclusion of the work of the High-level Arab Forum. Came forward from. Multidimensional Social Development, which was held in Doha over two days.

The Forum's sessions addressed critical issues regarding social development, and highlighted sustainable solutions to improve the quality of life of Arab individuals and communities, while the Forum expressed its commitment to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which The purpose is to provide security and support to the family. On a wide scale.

Participants in the Forum noted the importance of the Doha Pledge, recognizing that strengthening United Arab developmental social work is one of the most important solutions to achieving sustainable development, tackling poverty, establishing peace and security, and achieving well-being and social justice. Is. “To promote integrated social security and strengthen Arab principles and customs relating to the family.” It sets out general guidelines for successful policies and programmes, particularly with regard to issues of tackling multidimensional poverty and promoting the rights of persons with disabilities.

Qatar's Minister of Social Development and Family, Maryam Al-Misnad, indicated that Qatar strongly believes, based on its legal, constitutional and legal principles, that the national social security system is represented by the family as one of the pillars of an essential sector in society. Revolves around.  ,  (al Jazeera)
Maryam Al-Misnad indicated that Qatar strongly believes that the national social security system revolves around the pillars of an essential place in society represented by the established family (Al-Jazeera).

Participants stressed the need to put the aspirations of the Arab people into the global development plan, in addition to continuing the process of implementing the 2030 Sustainable Development Plan and continuing efforts to improve the conditions of persons with disabilities to reach the principle. Equality in citizenship despite different circumstances and challenges, by providing equal opportunities and integrating them into the society in a way. Excellent.

social Security system

Mariam Al-Misnad, Qatar's Minister of Social Development and Family, explained that the State of Qatar's approach to social protection stems primarily from the essence of the national policy regime, which takes into account the realization of its National Vision 2030 and cohesive strategies. This includes, in which its projects and strategies are aligned with the goals of sustainable global development, providing all citizens with the opportunity to exercise their rights. Civil, political, economic and cultural.

Al-Misnad said during his speech at the closing session of the forum – that the State of Qatar firmly believes from its legal, constitutional and legal principles that the national social security system revolves around the pillars of an essential sector represented in society. Is. By established family.

Al-Misnad said the Ministry of Social Development and Family has introduced value-added elements to strengthen the foundation of the family and help fend off the attacks of Westernization coming from all directions, dismantling its fabric and transforming it into new values. Took the initiative to move forward. Those who see individualism as the solution under various slogans colored with ideological aspects are both destructive and productive for all the ills of society.

fight poverty

In turn, Ali Ahmed Al-Khulaifi, International Cooperation Advisor at the Ministry of Social Development and Family, explains that the forum discussed the importance of developing social work in Arab countries, especially with regard to people with disabilities, as well as developing entrepreneurship. and productive families in the area and fighting poverty and unemployment.

Al-Khulaifi told Al-Jazeera Net that fighting poverty is one of the foundations of comprehensive and sustainable development, as there cannot be poverty and development at the same time.

He says conference participants discussed the issue during the conference sessions, and reached some measures that would support productive families and provide job opportunities in Arab countries, as well as eliminate unemployment.

He said that the conference also brought out solutions to develop the work of people with disabilities through new techniques and technology for people with special needs so that they can develop their work, which also contributes to social and economic development.

an effective Arab role

For his part, Dr. Nawaf Kabara, President of the Arab Organization for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, acknowledged that social development is a key element in the fight against poverty, because the stronger the development, the weaker poverty.

Ahmed Aboul Gheit, Secretary-General of the League of Arab States, signs...
Abul Gheit signed the “Doha Pledge for the Established Arab Family”, which comes as an extension of the State of Qatar's efforts to strengthen the principles and identity of the Arab Family (Al Jazeera).

Kabara told Al Jazeera Net that every Arab country must do its duty to fight poverty and achieve social development for its citizens by implementing a set of social safety nets that work to fight poverty and support the poor. Will do.

He believes that this convention comes as a series of steps taken at the level of the Arab League in relation to disability, the most important of which is the Second Arab Decade for Persons with Disabilities, which in the past few days has included a disability classification paper in Qatar. Was approved. year, and the conditions of persons with disabilities in crisis and pandemic situations, which concern us greatly. These days, especially in light of what's happening in the Gaza Strip.

He stressed that a set of interventions and solutions have been initiated by the Group of Arab States and the State of Qatar, which aim to promote development and social security, adhere to Arab principles and customs, and confront abnormal trends. Moving towards an effective Arab role in. To enhance social security, and to continue efforts to develop the society.

Ministers of social development in Arab countries and Ahmed Aboul Gheit, Secretary-General of the League of Arab States, signed the “Doha Pledge for a Solid Arab Family”, which comes as an extension of the efforts of the State of Qatar. On the concluding day of the Forum, to strengthen the principles and identity of the Arab family and to protect it from risks that threaten its unity and solidarity. Arab League High Level for Multidimensional Social Development.

Principles of Doha Pledge

  • To observe and not violate established Arab principles and customs relating to family and natural social relations.
  • Encountering abnormal tendencies and attempting to change natural human principles and customs.
  • Develop plans and programs aimed at strengthening the fabric of the Arab family, preserving the institution of marriage, and eliminating interference that endangers the entire human society.
  • To make continuous efforts to develop the society, and to reconsider the change from the individualistic style in favor of the social collectivistic style represented by the family.
  • Strengthening collective patterns and working to find convergence and integration of regional agreements that enhance the practice of a natural family established ethically and spontaneously.
  • Defeat all attempts to threaten our Arab societies and our future generations, to prevent them from going astray and returning to the essence of the family institution.
  • This declaration reflects the unified Arab regional position based on the directives of Arab leaders in several Arab summit decisions, as well as decisions of the Arab Council of Foreign Ministers and the Council of Arab Social Affairs Ministers.
  • Family is the foundation of society. Its foundation is religion, morality and love for the motherland. Therefore, it must be held together, strong, committed to religious and moral values, and children must love the motherland and serve the society, so that they can contribute to its renaissance while maintaining its unity and solidarity. And become a contributor to progress.

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