Sam Altman wants to raise a “spectacular” amount of money to reshape the semiconductor industry

According to Reuters, citing a report published by the Wall Street Journal, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman is trying to raise trillions of dollars to reshape the global semiconductor industry.

Sam Altman is in talks with investors to raise money for a very ambitious multi-trillion dollar technology initiative.

The initiative will increase the world's ability to make chips and expand its ability to operate artificial intelligence, among other things.

According to the newspaper, the cost of this initiative is between 5 to 7 trillion dollars.

The fundraising plan, which faces significant hurdles, is aimed at solving the obstacles hindering OpenAI's development, including the shortage of high-priced AI chips needed to train large language models.

Sam Altman has often complained that there are not enough chips of this type to support OpenAI's quest for artificial general intelligence.

The sums discussed by Altman are exceptionally large by corporate fundraising standards, larger than the national debt of some major global economies and larger than even the largest sovereign wealth funds.

The fundraising conversation is the latest example of Sam Altman's ambitious plans to change the world.

Altman has invested heavily in startups that aim to produce cheap energy from nuclear fusion and extend human lifespan by a decade.

Altman's new fundraising plans also involve energy, as AI facilities consume large amounts of electricity.

Realizing Sam Altman's ambitions for the chips and other sectors needed to support artificial intelligence will require convincing a complex global network of funders, industry partners, and governments.

A spokesperson for OpenAI said: “OpenAI has had useful discussions regarding enhancing the global infrastructure and supply chains for the chips, energy and data centers that are essential for artificial intelligence and other industries that depend on it.”

Altman proposed a partnership between OpenAI and various investors, chip makers and energy providers to pool money together to build chip factories, which would be run by existing chip makers.

Discussions are still in their early stages, the full list of potential investors is unknown, and efforts could last for years and may not ultimately succeed.

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