Russian Center: Internal turmoil in America threatens world stability

The website of the Russian Strategic Center for Cultures said in a published report that American experts have become convinced that the internal situation of the United States is the main source of threat to world stability.

The report said that for the first time in history, the Council on Foreign Relations – which includes leading US experts – said in its annual review of priorities that the biggest concern is not the external threat, but internal terrorism and political acts. Violence within the United States itself, especially with the election date approaching. President

Dmitry Minin, the report's author, said those expectations came even before a dispute broke out between Texas and federal officials over securing the border from an influx of migrants and that the dispute had taken a military turn that threatened to worsen the situation. Steve Vladeck, a constitutional law expert at the University of Texas School of Law, believes that “it is natural to say that we have not seen such a direct confrontation between the state and federal government since the abolition of segregation.”

The Russian center continued that the problem for the United States is that the division has actually crossed the limits of differences on individual issues between the Democratic and Republican parties alternating in power, because of ideas about the structure of the country between the two parties. There is a difference of opinion. All areas have begun to assume a radical character and mutual insults and recriminations have reached unprecedented levels.

Trump's dilemma

Democrats are awaiting a decision from the US Supreme Court regarding the decisions of the courts of Colorado and Maine states not to allow former President Donald Trump to register for their elections based on the old constitutional clause regarding inciting riots.

In light of the possibility of the Supreme Court – which is still controlled by Republicans – overturning these state decisions, according to the Russian report, there could be an insurrection that would prompt Republicans to defy President Joe Biden's administration and take further steps. Will inspire. ,

The author pointed out that many people are looking forward to the US presidential election day in November 2024 with the fear that it will be the beginning of a real civil war. On his part, President Biden said that the former president and his supporters are behind the rising wave of political violence. But analysts believe that it is common for threats and attacks to increase between the two parties.

The report quoted American media as saying that the number of crimes is increasing due to ideological reasons. Today, 1 in 4 Americans believe violence is justified in the name of “saving” the country.

mutual violence

Experts point out that in 2024 the issue is no longer limited to Republicans only, and many Democrats will feel hysterical at the idea of ​​Trump's victory, causing them to resort to violence. Analysts at the China Institute of International Studies believe that political hostility, social division, and racial tensions will increase in the United States and then become a source of chaos for the entire world in the future.

Complicating the situation, the Russian report said, is that unilateral states' claims to sovereignty over an area of ​​one million square kilometers of the continental shelf could also lead to tensions in the North American region, which includes Russia, Canada and Also includes areas claimed by China. Mexico.

On the other hand, Venezuela's referendum on recognizing a large part of neighboring oil-rich Guyana as national territory is a source of great concern in South America, given the fear that Caracas will attempt to enforce it using military force. Will do. The results of referendums, which may give rise to regional conflicts involving outside parties, are in the first place. The United States and Britain are in first place.

The Russian author pointed out that the situation in the US as well as in the world in 2024 will largely depend on the development of the internal situation in the United States, especially in the light of Washington's tendency on several occasions to show internal problems by focusing on external fronts. To solve.

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