Nicaragua requests to join South Africa in genocide lawsuit against Israel

The International Court of Justice announced Thursday that Nicaragua has formally requested to join the genocide case filed by South Africa against Israel.

A statement released by the court said Nicaragua, in its application for permission to intervene, said it had “interests of a legal nature that flow from the rights and obligations imposed by the Genocide Convention on all states parties.” “

Managua said its decision stemmed from “the universal nature of condemnation of the genocide and the cooperation necessary to free humanity from such an abominable scourge”, the court said.

The Central American country announced last month that it intended to join Pretoria in a lawsuit that accuses Israel of violating the 1948 UN Convention on the Prevention of Genocide because of its war on the Gaza Strip , which he has been fighting since October 7, 2023. ,

Two weeks ago, the court's judges issued a decision imposing emergency measures on Israel, saying it must stop committing acts of genocide in its war on the Gaza Strip, but they stopped short of calling for an end to the fighting.

In its request, Nicaragua called on the judges to rule that Israel “has and continues to violate its obligations under the Genocide Convention,” and to “stop actions or actions that will kill or continue to kill Palestinians.” Will keep.”

Throughout history, the Court has only in rare cases agreed to such intervention as requested by Nicaragua.

Several other countries have indicated that they may wish to intervene in the Gaza massacre case, but none except Nicaragua have formally done so.

Israel is waging a devastating war on the Gaza Strip, which has caused thousands of civilian victims, the majority of whom are children and women, in addition to unprecedented humanitarian devastation and massive infrastructure destruction, leading Tel Aviv to refer it to the International Court of Justice. Had to appear. For the first time in its history, it would be prosecuted on charges of “genocide”.

Determining whether Israel is actually violating the Genocide Convention with its military campaign will take many months, if not years.

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