Most important developments of the 126th day of war on Gaza Strip

On the 126th day of the Israeli offensive on the Gaza Strip, the occupation forces carried out 13 massacres, killing 107 martyrs in addition to 142 injured, bringing the number of martyrs and injured to 27,947 since last October 7. 67,459.

The Israeli army continued its violent bombardment of several areas of the Gaza Strip. The bombardment of Khan Yunis intensified, and its frequency increased rapidly on Rafah in the south of the strip.

Al Jazeera's correspondent said 12 were martyred and several were injured in the Israeli raid and artillery shelling on Khan Younis since Friday morning.

Famine in Gaza Strip

For its part, the government media office in Gaza warned of increasing famine in the northern Gaza Governorate after supplies of flour, rice, food and supplies ran out, as well as grain and animal feed for civilians. Were eating the northern Gaza Strip.

In turn, a spokesperson for the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) told Al Jazeera that Gaza is now experiencing the worst levels of malnutrition anywhere in the world.

He stressed the need to provide water and shelter for civilians, saying Gaza lacks any safe zone.

Israeli plans for military operation in Rafah

On the other hand, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he has ordered the army to develop a dual plan to evacuate civilians from Rafah and crush the remaining brigades of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas).

Netanyahu said it is not possible to achieve the war goals in Gaza and maintain the 4 Hamas Brigades in Rafah.

Israeli occupation aircraft targeted two inhabited houses in the city of Rafah at dawn on Friday, resulting in the deaths of 8 Palestinians, including women and children.

International warnings about Israeli operations in Rafah

International concern has grown over the fate of thousands of displaced Gazans seeking refuge in Rafah after Israel threatened a ground attack on the Egyptian border town.

Norwegian Foreign Minister Espen Barth Edda said the ground operation in Rafah would worsen an already devastating situation and make it even more difficult to deliver humanitarian aid.

The Norwegian minister reiterated calls for a ceasefire in Gaza, saying, “We strongly warn Israel against advancing towards Rafah and we fear bloodshed there.”

For his part, Stephane Dujarric, spokesman for the UN Secretary-General, said that the density of Rafah's population makes it almost impossible to protect civilians in any ground attack.

He said his organization is deeply concerned about the fate of civilians in Rafah, and does not want to see any forced displacement of Palestinians.

For his part, EU foreign policy official Josep Borrell stressed that reports of the Israeli military attack on Rafah are worrying, and that any attack on Rafah would have devastating consequences that would worsen the humanitarian situation and cause unbearable harm to civilians.

resistance operations

For its part, the al-Qassam Brigades – the military wing of the Hamas movement – ​​said its “jihadists” detonated an anti-personnel explosive device against a group of occupation troops in the Abasan al-Kabira area, east of the city. Of Khan Younis.

The brigade said their fighters killed 7 soldiers, then returned safely to their bases.

For its part, the al-Quds Brigades – the military wing of the Islamic Jihad movement – ​​said it was engaged in fierce clashes with occupying troops and vehicles in areas of progress west of Khan Yunis in the southern Gaza Strip.

Israeli media reported that three soldiers were transferred to Soroka Hospital in Beersheba, Negev, after being seriously injured in fighting in the Gaza Strip.

South Lebanon Front

In Lebanon, Al Jazeera correspondent said that 20 missiles were fired from Lebanon towards Israeli positions in the Galilee Finger. He pointed to the monitoring of a series of missiles from Lebanon and their Iron Dome interception in the skies over the Upper Galilee and the occupied Golan.

Meanwhile, Israeli Army Radio reported that more than 30 rockets were fired in the last round towards Kiryat Shmona.

In this context, Hezbollah said it targeted the Kila barracks of the “Zionist enemy” army in the occupied Syrian Golan with dozens of Katyusha rockets.

In another operation, the party announced that its fighters destroyed an Israeli Merkava tank targeted at a Baghdad site. It also announced that it had “targeted and directly attacked espionage equipment in Dovyev Barracks with appropriate weapons.”

Biden, Sisi and Rafah crossing inaugurated

In Washington, US President Joe Biden revealed that Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi initially did not want to open the Rafah crossing to allow humanitarian supplies into the Gaza Strip, but he talked to him and got him to open it. Convinced, he said.

In response, the Egyptian presidency said in a statement – ​​today, Friday – that since the beginning of the war in Gaza, Egypt has opened the Rafah crossing on its side without any restrictions or conditions.

The statement said: “With reference to the statements of the US President on February 8, 2024, regarding the situation in the Gaza Strip, the President of the Republic reaffirms the concurrence of positions and the continuation of joint action and intensive cooperation between Egypt and Egypt. The United States in relation to establishing peace in the Gaza Strip, and working towards a ceasefire and enforcement of the ceasefire. humanitarian assistance, and the initiation of humanitarian assistance in the volume and speed necessary to provide relief to the people of the Gaza Strip.

Swap deal and Cairo talks

Politically, the newspaper “Israel Today” said that an Israeli delegation would arrive in Cairo to discuss a prisoner exchange deal with Hamas, and according to the newspaper – which quoted unnamed sources – negotiations are underway on the first phase of the deal. Can be concentrated.

A Hamas leader told Al Jazeera that the movement discussed its position on the ceasefire agreement with mediators in Cairo and is awaiting an Israeli response.

The Israeli “Wala” website reported that Tel Aviv has conveyed its response to Qatar and Egypt, and indicated that Israel has rejected many of the movement's demands and its readiness to negotiate based on Paris' original proposal. Has expressed.

According to the website, Israel rejected several points in Hamas's response to the proposals and indicated that it refused to commit to ending the war once the mediators complete the implementation of the agreement.

It is noteworthy that a delegation of the Hamas movement reached the Egyptian capital yesterday, Thursday, to discuss the exchange agreement.

Attacks and incursions into the West Bank

In occupied Jerusalem, Al Jazeera correspondent reports that Israeli occupation forces today attacked Palestinian youth at the Lions Gate before Friday prayers.

Occupation forces greatly intensified their deployment at the entrances to the Old City and its surroundings and prevented many Palestinians from reaching the Al-Aqsa Mosque to pray.

Dozens of settlers also attacked the village of Kharbatha Bani Harith and the town of Nilin, west of Ramallah city, and settlers attacked farmers and herders in the village of Burqa, east of the city.

In Qalqilya, a Palestinian was injured after being run over by a settler's car at the city's eastern entrance, while Israeli occupation forces attacked several towns in the West Bank, notably the town of Budrus, west of the city of Ramallah. But. , the cities of Ajjun and Hajja, east of Nablus, the city of Beit Fajjar, south of the city of Bethlehem, and the city of “Beit Omar”, north of the city of Hebron, in the south of the West Bank.

This coincides with the Palestinian Prisoners Club's announcement that the occupation has arrested at least 15 Palestinians in the West Bank since yesterday evening, Thursday, bringing the total number of detainees in the West Bank since last October seven to approximately 6,940.

Biden criticized Israel

For his part, US President Joe Biden criticized Israeli behavior in unprecedented statements, calling the Israeli response in Gaza excessive, and insisting he was working to reach a permanent end to the fighting.

Biden said in a surprise speech at the White House that he had put strong pressure on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza, where “too many innocent people, women and children are dying of hunger and they are being treated in its dire straits.” needed.” As he said.

“My opinion is that the Israeli response in Gaza has crossed the line,” he said.

In the same context, the Israeli newspaper Haaretz said that the visit of US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken has revealed the depth of the dispute with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the US administration's lack of trust and patience towards him.

Demonstration in support of Gaza

Thousands of people demonstrated in several Arab cities in support of Gaza. Palestinians demonstrate in Al-Manara Square in downtown Ramallah in rejection of Israel's continued war on the Strip.

A demonstration was seen in the capital Baghdad in support of the Gaza Strip and to condemn the ongoing Israeli aggression against the strip.

Jordanians also demonstrated in the Jordan Valley Complex area in the north of the country, a few kilometers from the Israeli-linked Northern Crossing, in protest against the ongoing Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip.

In the Yemeni capital Sanaa, a massive demonstration was held in Al-Sabine Square, the city's largest square, to emphasize that the Yemeni people stand with the Palestinians and emphasize their continued support of the Palestinian resistance. Demonstrations also took place in support of the other Yemeni city of Gaza.

Thousands of Moroccans took part in vigils in several cities across the kingdom after Friday prayers, in a show of solidarity with Palestine and the Gaza Strip, and protesters demanded “practical measures” against Israel to stop the war. Cities that showed solidarity included Kenitra, Khenifra, Taza, Barkan, Agadir and El Jadida.

British activists organized a protest on “Movement for Gaza” day to increase pressure on their country's government for an immediate ceasefire in the Gaza Strip.

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