Israel's rejection of Hamas and leaks about the movement's demands await official response

A leader of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) told Al Jazeera that the movement discussed its position on the ceasefire agreement with mediators in Cairo and that it is awaiting an Israeli response.

This came after the arrival of a delegation of the movement in the Egyptian capital Cairo yesterday. The movement announced that they met with several Egyptian officials “to complete negotiations related to the ceasefire”.

On the other hand, Israeli and American websites began leaking Israel's position on Hamas' response to the Paris Framework resolution.

Israeli “Wala” website reported that Tel Aviv has given its response to Qatar and Egypt. The website indicated that Israel rejected many of the movement's demands and expressed a willingness to negotiate based on Paris' original proposal.

According to the website, Israel rejected several points in Hamas's response to the proposals and indicated that it refused to commit to ending the war once the mediators complete the implementation of the agreement.

Al Jazeera published details of Hamas' response to the proposed framework for a ceasefire agreement, which it presented to mediators last Wednesday.

In its response, Hamas agreed to a framework agreement to reach a full and permanent ceasefire in 3 phases, each phase lasting 45 days, and including: exchange of prisoners and bodies of the dead, ending the siege and agreement on reconstruction.

Hamas also demanded that full ceasefire talks be completed before the start of the second phase, that Israeli forces be ensured outside the borders of the Gaza Strip and that the reconstruction process begin.

Stopping the aggression on the Gaza Strip is one of the most major sticking points in the talks. The resistance movements refuse to discuss any proposal before stopping the aggression, withdrawing Israeli forces from the Gaza Strip, and lifting the siege on the Gaza Strip.

israeli denial

The Israeli website indicated that Netanyahu's government has made it clear to mediators that it is not willing to discuss lifting the siege on Gaza, and has also refused to agree on the return of residents to the northern Gaza Strip.

According to the Palestinians, a meeting was held in the French capital on January 28 with the participation of Israel, the United States, Egypt and Qatar to discuss a prisoner exchange agreement and stop the war in Gaza, which will take place in three phases. and American sources.

According to the leaks, the Israeli response returns the talks to the starting point. US website Axios reported that Israel is ready to enter negotiations based on the original proposal drawn up in Paris two weeks ago.

According to the US website, at the end of the war cabinet meeting last night, Israel sent a message to the mediators – Qatar, the United States and Egypt – rejecting most of Hamas's responses on broad lines.

In an effort to ease the pressure on itself, the Netanyahu government confirmed it is working with Egypt and Qatar to hold serious talks to bridge the gap, the Israeli Walla website reported.

Source , American press , israeli press

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