Israeli soldiers: The army looted and burned houses in Gaza and killed prisoners

A military doctor for the Israeli occupation army gave shocking testimony about violations committed by Israeli forces in the Gaza Strip, including looting, vandalism, burning of Palestinian homes and execution of prisoners.

On Friday, Nahum Barnia, chief analyst for the Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth, published an article in which he presented the verbatim text of a letter from a doctor from the Paratroopers Reserve Brigade, who recently completed two months of service in the Gaza Strip.

Without mentioning the doctor's name, Barnea said, “He recorded his experiences as he passed by, and I'm quoting his words verbatim.”

As a result of the atrocities committed in the Gaza Strip, Israel faced charges of committing genocide before the International Court of Justice for the first time in its history, which was met with regional and global reception and US opposition.

“I will start with an area that has not been touched upon much, which is the value in war, or in my opinion, the values ​​of Israeli society as a test,” the doctor wrote.

He further said that one of the most prominent things was the feeling of anger and revenge that pervaded all of us because of the “horrible” events that happened on October 7, and that certainly included me, and later, I unfortunately Saw that these sentiments led to unrest in many areas.

systematic theft

In this regard, the doctor revealed that looting has become almost institutionalized (systematic), as he observed during his time in Gaza.

He said the case begins with the seizure of large quantities of mattresses, gas stoves and gas cylinders from occupied houses, and continues with the seizure of small souvenirs such as tables and small toys for children.

He said smaller, less disciplined forces looted phones, Dyson vacuum cleaners, motorcycles and bicycles.

Regarding these practices the doctor said, “I felt ashamed and at one point I stopped commenting because I was seen as a troublemaker.” The doctor also told that the Israeli army was carrying out sabotage actions.

He said that from a moral perspective, it is legitimate to damage homes that may pose a threat during an attack, and it is also legitimate to attack the surrounding area and destroy homes that may pose a threat to the axis of operations. Are, and it is acceptable to me it should be defined as a military mission.

He said incidents of graffiti, vandalism and vandalism inside houses reflected the lack of discipline.

He further said that the forces began burning houses intermittently, and the brigade commander says that is fine with them, and the cumulative feeling is that they will do here in Gaza what they did in Huwwara (Nablus in the northwest A Palestinian city near. Banks, many of whose houses and vehicles were burnt last year).

The doctor also referred to political messages (which the soldiers make in the video), saying, “There are almost no constraints on political messages – they are always right-wing and often extremist, and politicians turn a blind eye.”

execution of prisoners

The military doctor described the execution of a prisoner in his letter and his letter prompted the Israeli military to respond that the military police would investigate the incident.

He said that during the fighting, 5 elite fighters who surrendered were captured (referring to fighters from the al-Qassam Brigades), one of whom had a broken ankle. I took care of him, and I received surprised looks and questions from the soldiers, not because they were angry, but because of a lack of understanding as to why I was treating him that way.

He further said, 200 meters away from us, their leader had been arrested, and he was suffering from fractures in his limbs. A moment after he was interrogated by a prisoner investigator, a reserve fighter arrived and killed the prisoner, indicating that the execution had been covered up.

He said, “I am not a pacifist, and fully support the use of significant force when necessary. However, many people felt that wearing Israeli military uniforms and crossing the border gave them permission to commit all violations.”

The Israeli military responded to what was said in the military doctor's letter about the execution of a Palestinian prisoner, saying that the incident is being investigated by the military police, and after the investigation is completed, the results will be transferred to the military prosecutor's office. Will be given. For the exam.

For his part, Barnia wrote, “These events do not end in Gaza: members of the kibbutzim in Gaza say that soldiers stationed inside the kibbutz destroyed property and looted whatever they could get their hands on. Lia (…) I have heard that similar incidents occurred in evacuated Israeli towns on the Lebanese border.

Since last October 7, Israeli forces have been waging a devastating war on the Gaza Strip, which has resulted in 27,947 martyrs and 67,459 wounded, the majority of whom are children and women, in addition to an unprecedented humanitarian disaster and massive destruction of infrastructure.

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