Israel rejects Hamas' terms and Washington sends Burns to Cairo

A leading source in the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) told Al Jazeera that the movement discussed its position on the ceasefire agreement with mediators in Cairo, and is awaiting an Israeli response.

It came after a delegation from the movement arrived in the Egyptian capital Cairo on Thursday, where they met with several Egyptian officials “to complete negotiations related to the ceasefire”, the movement announced.

On the other hand, Israeli media quoted an Israeli official as saying that Tel Aviv has expressed its willingness to negotiate based on the Paris meeting resolution and has given its response to Hamas' proposal to Qatar and Egypt and this response includes This involved the rejection of a large portion of the movement's demands.

not to stop the war

According to the official, Israel has refused to commit to ending the war after completing the implementation of the agreement.

He pointed out that Israel had rejected the withdrawal of troops from the corridor dividing the Gaza Strip at the beginning of the first phase, and had also informed mediators that it would not agree to the withdrawal of residents of the northern Gaza Strip.

He said Tel Aviv expressed willingness to study the withdrawal of troops from city centers in the Gaza Strip, but made it clear to mediators that it was not ready to discuss lifting the siege on the Strip.

But the Israeli official confirmed that Israel is working with Egypt and Qatar to bridge the gap, allowing for serious talks.

Stopping the aggression against the Gaza Strip is one of the most prominent problematic points in the talks, as the resistance groups refuse to discuss any proposal before stopping the aggression, withdrawing Israeli forces from the Gaza Strip and lifting the siege on the Strip. .

Burns is expected to travel to Egypt next Tuesday (French)

burns cairo

Meanwhile, US website Axios reported that President Joe Biden will send CIA Director William Burns to Egypt to meet with officials in Cairo, in the latest attempt to conclude an agreement regarding detainees in Gaza.

The website quoted US and Israeli officials as saying that Burns was expected to travel to Egypt next Tuesday.

A White House spokesperson said President Biden and his team are seeking a humanitarian ceasefire that includes the return of hostages and the delivery of aid to Gaza.

On January 28, a meeting was held in the French capital with the participation of Israel, the United States, Egypt and Qatar to discuss a prisoner exchange agreement and stop the war in Gaza, which will take place in three phases according to the Palestinian and . American sources.

Axios reported that Israel is ready to join the talks based on the original proposal drawn up in Paris two weeks ago.

According to the US website, Israel sent messages to the mediators (Qatar, the United States and Egypt) at the end of last night's war cabinet meeting, rejecting on a broad basis most of Hamas's responses.

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