Healthy skin without wrinkles.. 5 tips to stop the wheel of time


Skin care and almost daily follow-up is required to maintain the freshness of the skin and avoid the appearance of signs of aging, which serves as an early warning bell for women about the signs of deep aging on the face and body. Paves the way for the appearance of wrinkles.

The Cleveland Clinic report explained the difference between fine lines and wrinkles. Lines are the first stage of wrinkles, and they appear on the forehead, around the eyes and mouth when we laugh or frown. They do not extend beyond the surface layer of the skin. skin, so they are easier to treat by moisturizing and reducing repetitive expressive movements.

A report from Healthline recommends avoiding using chemical exfoliants to treat fine lines and simply moisturizing the skin and drinking water.

As for wrinkles, they are a sign of your aging, a result of damage to collagen fibers and thinning of the skin until its resistance to gravity weakens and it becomes loose. Wrinkles appear as deep folds anywhere on the body, and do not require treatment unless they appear early.

Fine lines may appear on the skin of the face, neck and arms after the age of 25, and may become evident in your mid-to-late 30s or earlier, depending on the degree of your skin care. As far as wrinkles are concerned, they appear anywhere on the body, between the ages of 40 and 55.

How do you slow down the formation of wrinkles?

Skin aging is inevitable, as collagen production in the body naturally decreases after the age of 25, but there are several preventive measures to maintain the elasticity of your skin for as long as possible, such as:

  • Sun protection

Sunscreen is the shortest way to protect your skin from wrinkles. A report by the American Institute on Aging has confirmed that the sun's ultraviolet rays are responsible for skin losing elasticity with age.

Therefore, keep applying a cream with sun protection factor more than 15 half an hour before going out and reapply it every two hours whenever you sweat or after wiping the skin.

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Sunscreen is the smartest way to protect your skin from wrinkles (Shutterstock)

The skin is like an elastic band. If it is stretched repeatedly it breaks, loses its old elasticity and eventually becomes loose. Thus, the ability of the body's cells to produce collagen proteins slows down and wrinkles form.

If you decide to lose weight, the “Healthline” website recommends that if you are over 30, you should not lose 15-20% of your weight at once, so that you do not lose skin prematurely. Don't suffer from aging or other problems. This is commonly referred to as the “Ozimbic Face” in reference to rapid weight loss drugs.

Dry skin is more susceptible to wrinkles than other skin types, so a report from Ohio University's Wexner Medical Center recommends you choose a high-quality moisturizer rich in hyaluronic acid and apply it daily, as well as She also drinks a lot of water to maintain it. Internal hydration of the skin.

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Avoid making any surgical or permanent changes to your appearance to protect yourself from the negative consequences of plastic surgery (Shutterstock)

Avoid sleeping on your side, so that there is no pressure on the skin of your face. Get into the habit of sleeping on your back and consider purchasing silk pillowcases and sheets to reduce skin friction.

Plus, scrubbing the skin dry with water is stressful for the skin, not to mention exfoliating scrubs and blackhead removing masks. The skin can be soothed by patting it dry with a paper towel, chemically removing dead skin, and avoiding products that sting unless your doctor prescribes them.

The American Academy of Dermatology reports confirming the ability of sugar and fat to accelerate aging and the ability of fresh fruits and vegetables to prevent this damage.

The report points to the results of studies showing that exercise improves blood circulation and the efficiency of the immune system, which can give you glowing skin.

How do you accept facial lines and wrinkles?

The above tips not only help you slow down the effects of aging on your skin, but they are also effective steps for adjusting the lines on your face. Personal care, mindful eating, and exercise are forms of mindfulness that have been proven to reduce feelings of stress and depression, by focusing your attention on what you are worried about. Focusing on what you can control is a step toward making peace with yourself and enjoying the present moment.

There are several ways to deal with anxiety that you should try before seeing a psychiatrist, such as: applying moisturizer to the skin or practicing breathing exercises while taking a shower. You can also practice self-compassion by looking at yourself. Woman, appreciate what she sees of you, and avoid talking negatively about your body. Or evaluate it.

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The “Psychology Today” website recommends appreciating the body, through gratitude for divine blessings and the daily functions the body performs, and one day apologizing to yourself for any damage done to your body, and your To speak to you with kindness and acceptance. To increase your acceptance of yourself, talk to your friend and be proud of your experience in life.

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Appreciating the body through gratitude for divine blessings and the daily functions the body performs makes women feel satisfied (Shutterstock)
  • Follow realistic role models

Focusing on looks and comparing yourself to others is harmful to your health, so avoid following artists who are obsessed with plastic surgery, or aging models, as they never represent the average woman. Challenging societal standards of beauty can be achieved by following women who embody qualities such as: strength and intelligence, courage, generosity, and traits that go beyond physical appearance.

  • Resist the obsession with beauty

Avoid making any surgical or permanent changes to your appearance. There are non-surgical procedures to restore youthful skin, suggested by the Harvard Medical School website, such as: using moisturizers rich in vitamin A, injections to treat expression lines, hyaluronic acid injections, stimulating collagen. To do, and remove pigmentation. With laser devices.

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