Friday prayers were offered for the first time in 5 months in Jabaliya

Hundreds of Palestinians offered Friday prayers today at a square in the Jabaliya camp in the north of the Strip, for the first time since the start of the Israeli offensive on the Gaza Strip five months ago, after the occupation destroyed the city's mosques.

Sheikh Morsi Salman, director of settlements in the northern Gaza Strip, led the worshippers, and during his sermon he called for showing “compassion and cooperation”, so anyone who has extra should give it back to those who do not have food. Is.

He urged people to follow the Book of God and regularly perform morning remembrance and other acts of worship, and not let this affliction discourage them from continuing worship. He also called on the population to show the Israeli occupation forces that they are patient and determined.

It is noteworthy that the Israeli occupation has completely and partially destroyed 447 mosques in the Gaza Strip since it began its aggression against the strip on October 7.

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