Famine warning in northern Gaza after flour, rice and animal fodder run out

The government media office in the Gaza Strip warned of increasing famine in the northern Gaza Governorate after supplies of flour, rice, food and supplies ran out, as well as grain and animal fodder for civilians in northern Gaza. Were eating strips.

The media office confirmed that the northern areas of the Strip urgently need the entry of a thousand trucks per day to recover from the famine and its effects. Israeli occupation army tanks deployed near the Gaza Valley prevent food and medical aid from reaching the northern Gaza Strip.

In the same context, the World Food Program said that residents of the Gaza Strip are living in a “major humanitarian disaster” amid hunger, famine and the spread of diseases.

The director of the World Food Program in Palestine revealed that “UN figures conducted last December show that at least 300,000 people in the northern Gaza Strip are at risk of starvation.”

He reported that “Gaza is facing many crises, especially lack of health care and hunger.”

The World Food Program reported last month that very little food aid had reached the Gaza Strip from the south to the north since the beginning of the war, highlighting that areas of the Strip are still at risk of famine. is present.

This was confirmed by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) last January when it said that 750,000 people in the Gaza Strip were facing catastrophic hunger.

The death toll as a result of the Israeli offensive on the Gaza Strip since last October 7 has increased to 27,947 martyred and 67,459 injured.

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