Election Commission is continuously announcing results and Imran Khan's supporters are skeptical.

More than 100 candidates in the Pakistani general elections, most of whom are independent, have announced their objection to the results revealed so far, believing that fraud occurred during the counting of votes.

These include federal parliament candidate Muhammad Shoaib Shaheen, who is associated with former Prime Minister Imran Khan and leader of the Tehreek-e-Insaf party. Shaheen told the media that till 11 pm last night he was ahead of himself. Rival Tariq Fazal Choudhary leads by more than 50,000 votes, but the result will change when declared in the morning. Today, on Friday, in favor of his rival, who was declared the winner of the general parliamentary seat from Islamabad.

Photos of General Election Commission in Islamabad during monitoring of election results
The General Election Commission in Islamabad is still counting the votes of voters (Al Jazeera)

PTI party spokesman Rauf Hasan accused officials of tampering with the election results, saying that votes were “stolen”.

Hassan told Al Jazeera that candidates supported by his party were in the lead from the start and were ahead by a considerable margin when votes were counted last night, adding that officials deliberately slowed down the announcement of results in the early hours. done. In the morning, the announcement stopped completely and the matter remained like this for a few hours so that it would be a surprise when the situation changed in the morning. Accusing the officials, he pointed to the decline in the results of some people associated with his party. Warned of tampering with the results and also warned of consequences.

At 3 pm local time on Friday, the General Election Commission of Pakistan announced the results of 149 out of 266 seats of the federal parliament, which are expected to be fully announced this evening.

Photos of General Election Commission in Islamabad during monitoring of election results
General Election Commission workers in Islamabad, with a large billboard showing election results in the background (Al Jazeera)

preliminary results

Independents, most of whom are affiliated with PTI – whose leader Imran Khan is in jail – won 61 seats.

While the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz Sharif party won 48 seats, the People's Party (led by Blair Bothu Zardari) was declared the winner on 33 seats, and the rest of the parties together won 7 seats. There are 124 seats left, on which votes are being counted and the winner is being declared.

Pakistan has faced many challenges during the last two years, as it faces a severe economic crisis, and political stability is at risk, in addition to serious security challenges following the overthrow of former Prime Minister Imran Khan in April 2022. There is scarcity because there has been violence in many areas. More than a thousand people died during the year. past.

It is expected that after the elections a Parliament will be formed and then a government will be formed which will be able to face all these challenges.

Observers and those interested in Pakistani affairs say that if no party gets a clear majority in the elections, it will become difficult to deal with many of the challenges facing the country.

Photos of General Election Commission in Islamabad during monitoring of election results
The results of the elections will lead to the formation of a parliament and then a government capable of facing the challenges of Pakistan (Al Jazeera)

safe mode

Speaking at a press conference held by Pakistani Interior Minister Gohas Ijaz in Islamabad on Friday afternoon about the electoral process, he praised the process and said it took place in generally safe conditions, and only limited incidents were seen in the country. were controlled and generally did not influence the election process.

He stressed his transitional government's keenness to ensure that the elections are fair, have good results, command everyone's confidence, and are free from any form of rigging.

Pakistani Home Minister Gauhar Ijaz (centre)
Pakistani Interior Minister Gauhar Ijaz (centre) during a press conference today about the electoral process (Al Jazeera)


Tehreek-e-Insaf party spokesperson Rauf Hasan asked the Election Commission to ensure that the results are not tampered with, otherwise “we will not accept them.”

It was expected that Nawaz Sharif-led Pakistan Muslim League would win the largest number of seats in the election, as analysts confirmed that the 74-year-old former prime minister “made an undisclosed deal with the army” to return. Premiership.

But local television channels said the Muslim League's performance in the elections was poor, and even Nawaz Sharif lagged behind his rival in the electoral district he was contesting.

Voting centers opened their doors yesterday, Thursday, to select 266 representatives to Parliament from 5,121 candidates, and 593 representatives to regional parliaments from 12,695 candidates.

More than 128 million voters are entitled to participate in the 12th general parliamentary election, and the next government will be formed by the party that receives the support of two-thirds of the delegates.

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