Egyptian President responds to Biden and confirms that he has opened the Rafah crossing without any restrictions

Since the beginning of the war in Gaza, Egypt has opened the Rafah crossing to its side without any restrictions or conditions, US President Joe Biden said in statements last night. That the Egyptian President “did not want to open the crossing to allow the entry of humanitarian supplies.”

The statement said: “With reference to the statements of the US President on February 8, 2024, regarding the situation in the Gaza Strip, the President of the Republic reaffirms the concurrence of positions and the continuation of joint action and intensive cooperation between Egypt and Egypt. The United States in relation to establishing peace in the Gaza Strip, and working towards a ceasefire and enforcement of the ceasefire. humanitarian assistance, and the initiation of humanitarian assistance in the volume and speed necessary to provide relief to the people of the Gaza Strip.

“Egypt exerts strong pressure on all parties concerned to implement the entry of this aid into the Gaza Strip,” the Egyptian presidency said in a statement.

The statement indicated that Israel's continuous bombardment of the Palestinian side of the crossing – which was repeated 4 times – prevented the entry of aid, adding that “as soon as the bombardment on the other side of the crossing ended, Egypt immediately Rehabilitated.”

“Egypt has made the necessary technical adjustments to bring the largest amount of aid to provide relief to the people of the Gaza Strip,” the statement added.

Biden convinced Sisi

US President Joe Biden had revealed that Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi initially did not want to open the Rafah crossing for aid to enter the Gaza Strip, but he talked to him and convinced him to open it, As he said.

Biden made unprecedented statements criticizing Israeli behavior, calling the Israeli response in Gaza excessive, and insisting he is working to reach a permanent end to the fighting.

He said in a surprise speech at the White House that he had put strong pressure on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza, where “there are so many innocent people, women and children, who are dying of hunger and they need it desperately.” needed.” ,” as he said.

In a face-off between the Egyptian and Mexican presidents, Biden said in response to a question at a news conference, “First, President Sisi of Mexico did not want to open the crossing to allow the entry of humanitarian aid. I talked to him. and convinced them to open the crossing, and I also talked to Bibi (Netanyahu) and convinced him to open it.” Israeli side of the crossing.

The US President spoke about the contacts he has been making since the beginning of the war with Qatar, Egyptian and Saudi officials to bring humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip, and stressed that he is working hard to bring aid to the Gaza Strip. Are working hard.

He said during his speech that he was working hard to reach a ceasefire agreement that included the release of detainees held by the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas).

John Kirby: A major military operation in Rafah at this time would be a disaster (French)

decline in support

After Washington announced its full support of the Israeli war on Gaza and rejected a permanent ceasefire, pressure on the US President's administration increased and in recent weeks some differences in priorities have shown between the White House and the government of the Israeli Prime Minister Started giving. Benjamin Netanyahu and the US statements marked a change in Washington's language towards Netanyahu's government.

Earlier on Thursday, the White House said it would not support any Israeli plans to carry out major military operations in Rafah, and that talks were continuing regarding the release of detainees and concluding a ceasefire agreement in Gaza. .

John Kirby, strategic communications coordinator for the US National Security Council, said that some parts of Hamas' response were “very positive and others require more work,” noting that work is being done around the clock, and Washington. Is optimistic about reaching an agreement. ,

The devastating Israeli war on Gaza has entered its fifth month, and most of its victims are children and women, according to Palestinian officials. According to the United Nations, it has also caused “massive destruction and an unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe”.

In the latest figures, the health ministry in Gaza said on Friday that at least 27,947 Palestinians were martyred and 67,459 were wounded in the Israeli offensive on the Strip since October 7.

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