“Disturbed Dreams”. Disability kills aspirations of boys and youth in Gaza

Gaza“My foot has gone to heaven.” With these words, the family of the child, Maryam Faraz Allah (5 years old), instilled patience in her little heart after she lost her leg as a result of an Israeli air strike. Nusirat refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip.

As she sat in a wheelchair at the Gaza European Hospital in the city of Khan Younis, south of the Gaza Strip, Mariam told Al Jazeera Net that her dream was to become a doctor who treated patients.

Al Jazeera Net's cameras roamed the corridors of this hospital, filled with tragic scenes of children, youth and young men whose limbs were amputated as a result of Israeli airstrikes that targeted them in their homes and on the streets.

In anguished words, injured people spoke about the impact of disability on their lives, their dreams and their aspirations for the future. Child Yazan al-Souda (10 years old) dreamed of playing professional football, and Fouad al-Khor, a young man in his thirties, was the sole breadwinner for three sisters with special needs and a sick mother.

Muhammad Abu Mukhaimer (29 years old) died in an Israeli airstrike that destroyed his leg, killing 13 of his family members, and only his father and one of his brothers survived, and lost his ability to drive a car and play football. He had a hobby. was assassinated.

Since it began on October 7 last year, the Israeli war has killed 27,708 Palestinians and injured 67,147 others, including large numbers of people whose organs were forced to be harvested by medical teams and who Had become disabled.

According to the Palestinian Health Ministry document in Gaza, 70% of the martyrs and injured were children and women.

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