Director of a telecommunications company: Rapid Support cut off communications throughout Sudan

A Sudanese communications service official blamed the Rapid Support Forces for communications cuts across Sudan for the fourth consecutive day.

Al-Fattah Orwa, director of the Zain-Sudan Telecommunications Network, the country's largest telecommunications network, said Rapid Support Forces cut off the company's services by knocking out power generators at its main data center in the Jabara region. the capital, Khartoum, causing communications to be cut throughout Sudan.

The official said in a video clip posted on social media that the service outage came as the company began repairing and maintaining its network in Darfur state.

He denied that the network had received instructions from any party to discontinue service in Darfur, and said that service there was discontinued due to the war and the inability to deliver fuel, maintenance equipment and safe work teams. .

He said the longer the network remains closed, the longer it will take to repair it in Darfur and other Sudanese states.

destructive effect

Former Communications Minister Hashem Hasseb al-Rasoul confirmed to Al Jazeera Net that what happened was for companies to shut down communications services on the instructions of the Rapid Support Forces.

He pointed out that the current widespread shutdown used the same mechanisms that the authorities had previously resorted to during major incidents in Sudan, including dispersing the General Command sit-in on June 3, 2019, as well as larger protests. Cited cuts in services during this period. Which the country was watching.

“But this time, the closure was done through another new body, which is the real authority,” he said, warning of the “devastating” effects of stopping the service on the lives of Sudanese people, as it would disrupt movement. Does. Economy and livelihood of people by blocking banking applications.

Communications and internet networks in most of Sudan's states were partially shut down last Friday afternoon, then came back in a fluctuating manner and were cut off completely by last Tuesday, ending the ongoing civil strife that has been taking place in the country since last April. There is a new manifestation of the collision effect. Army and rapid aid forces.

Kuwaiti “Zain”, South African “MTN”, and Sudanese “Sudanese” companies provide telecommunications services in the country, but – according to communications engineers – they do not have alternative backup operators for emergency situations.

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