Biden: Israeli response in Gaza exceeded limits, and it convinced Sisi to open Rafah crossing

US President Joe Biden described the Israeli response in the Gaza Strip as exceeding limits in unprecedented statements criticizing Israeli behavior. Biden said he is working to reach a permanent end to the fighting. He revealed that Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi initially did not want to open the Rafah crossing to allow aid to enter Gaza, but he spoke to him and convinced him to open it as he said.

In a surprise speech at the White House on Wednesday evening, Biden said he had put strong pressure on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza, where “there are too many innocent people, women and children, who are dying of hunger.” It is desperately needed,” as he said.

The US President talked about the contacts he has been making since the beginning of the war with Qatar, Egypt and even Saudi officials to bring humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip, and stressed that Working hard to bring help. ,

He said during his speech that he was working hard to reach a ceasefire agreement that included the release of detainees held by the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas).

After Washington announced its full support of the Israeli war on Gaza and rejected a permanent ceasefire, pressure on the US President's administration increased and in recent weeks some differences in priorities have shown between the White House and the government of the Israeli Prime Minister Started giving. Benjamin Netanyahu and the US statements marked a change in Washington's language towards Netanyahu's government.

John Kirby: A major military operation in Rafah at this time would be a disaster (French)

Rafa operation

Earlier on Thursday, the White House said it would not support any Israeli plans to conduct major military operations in Rafah, and that talks were continuing regarding the release of detainees and completing a ceasefire agreement in Gaza.

John Kirby, strategic communications coordinator for the US National Security Council, said that some parts of Hamas' response were “very positive and others require more work,” noting that work is being done around the clock, and Washington. Is optimistic about reaching an agreement. ,

Kirby stressed, “At this time, and under these circumstances, any major military operation in Rafah, and with the presence of over a million – and perhaps over a million and a half – Palestinians seeking asylum and without asylum in Rafah Looking for.” Considering their duty to protect, this would be a disaster, and “we will not support it.”

He said US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken has made clear the United States' concerns about such operations.

On Thursday, Israeli occupation forces bombed areas of the southern Gaza Strip border town, where more than half the strip's population has taken refuge, but Kirby said Washington did not see a concrete plan for how the Israelis would The army was about to launch. Military operation in Rafah.

The devastating Israeli war on Gaza has entered its fifth month, and most of its victims are children and women, according to Palestinian officials. According to the United Nations, it has also caused “massive destruction and an unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe”.

In the latest figures, the health ministry in Gaza said yesterday, Thursday, that at least 27,840 Palestinians were martyred and 67,317 were injured in the Israeli offensive on the Strip since October 7.

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