An interview that angered Washington.. Putin: The West realized the impossibility of defeating Russia in Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Moscow has no interest in expanding its war in Ukraine to other countries in the region or to North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) members such as Poland and Latvia or countries on the European continent, adding that the West Has no interest in it. The impossibility of defeating Russia began to be realized in Ukraine.

In an interview conducted with US broadcaster Tucker Carlson in Moscow and broadcast yesterday, Thursday, Putin stressed that his country only seeks its own interests and would not attack a country if it had no interest in doing so .

Asked if he could imagine a scenario in which Russian troops would be sent to Poland, Putin replied that this could happen only in one case, namely if Poland attacks Russia.

Noting that recently there had been voices demanding a strategic defeat for Russia on the battlefield, he said that the owners of these voices have now begun to realize that this goal is impossible to achieve.

Relations with Washington

The Russian president also confirmed that the November 5 election of a new US president, which is likely to pit Republican Donald Trump against Democrat Joe Biden, will not lead to any changes in relations between the United States and Russia.

In response to a question about whether the arrival of a new US president could change US-Russia relations, Putin said: It is not a question of who the leader is, and relations between the two countries are not linked to any specific person. ,

Putin announced that his country is ready to reach a deal to release American journalist Ivan Gershkovich, who has been detained in Russia for almost a year on spying charges.

end the war

Putin said that if the US administration really wants to end the war in Ukraine, it must stop sending weapons to Kiev.

Pointing out that the door to negotiations was open, he said that his country and Ukraine would reach an agreement sooner or later.

He said it would have been possible to stop the war if the decisions agreed at peace talks in Istanbul between Ukraine and Russia, brokered by Turkey, were implemented, but Kiev backed away from it based on instructions from the West, especially Washington.

NATO expansion

Putin also expressed Moscow's discomfort with NATO's expansion policies since the 1990s.

He said NATO does not need to expand, adding that expanding the alliance would mean the situation would be similar to what it was during the Cold War, but closer to Russia's borders, he said.

He stressed that the United States did not keep its promise that NATO would not expand eastward.

The Kremlin said Putin agreed to conduct the interview with Carlson – in his first interview with Western media since the start of the war on Ukraine in February 2022 – because the approach adopted by the former Fox News anchor is different from one-sided coverage. Following the Russian-Ukrainian conflict many media outlets, Western media.

Carlson has a close relationship with former US President Donald Trump, who calls for an end to the escalation of the war in Ukraine.

Washington Comments

The White House commented on Putin's interview, saying that it is not necessary for the American people to realize the “cruelty” of the Russian president.

US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said that Putin is trying to justify his actions in Ukraine for “bogus and ridiculous reasons” and that, as he said, the truth of what he is doing in Ukraine is clear to all. There should be.

Carlson said he conducted the interview because the American people have no idea what is going on in Russia and Ukraine, and they should know because they are paying a large portion of the cost of the war in terms of support for the United Nations. Paying the share. The state provides aid to Ukraine, which it has always criticized.

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