Al-Duwairi: The land of Gaza serves its people, and the attack on Rafah will lead to a humanitarian catastrophe

Major General Faiz al-Duwairi, a military and strategic expert, said that despite the massive destruction caused by the Israeli occupation in the Gaza Strip, resistance videos show that the area of ​​the Strip is still working for the benefit and service of its people. Is. Their defensive battle, warning that any attack on the city of Rafah would lead to humanitarian disaster.

The Al Jazeera channel aired new footage of a sniper operation carried out by the Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) – including scenes in which two members of the Israeli occupation forces were targeted, one of whom is a sniper. Targeting Israeli vehicles in the Tal al-Hawa neighborhood, west of Gaza City.

In an analysis for Al Jazeera, al-Duwairi said that Tal al-Hawa has been witnessing intense fighting for more than a week, with occupation forces withdrawing from the Sheikh Ajlin area to a depth and width of 3 kilometers. Expanded. 500 meters, considering the al-Qassam clip as a miniature picture of the battles taking place there.

The military analyst explained that the calm state in which the Kassam sniper appeared during the preparation and monitoring process reflected confidence and good preparation, noting that the sight of dust resulting from the captured sniper's targeting confirms that The hit was good and achieved its target. Target.

Al-Duwairi believes that the clip shows that Gaza area resistance elements work for the benefit and serve their own people, in light of the fact that the management of the battle is different than in the past, As Qassam believes, on reconnaissance, surveillance and monitoring at various locations.

Al-Duwairi does not deny that the targeted sniper was the one who killed about 9 civilians on the day of the operation, because he was monitored and detected, and then took the appropriate position to aim at him I went.

Speaking about the preparations for an attack on the city of Rafah by the Israeli occupation Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, al-Duwairi said that this would lead to a humanitarian catastrophe given the influx of displaced people into Rafah, as there is from the Gaza Strip. About 1,300,000 people, a large portion of whom are over the border in the Philadelphia corridor.

Netanyahu had said that he had ordered the army to develop a dual plan to evacuate civilians from Rafah and crush the remaining Hamas brigades, saying that the goals of the war in Gaza would be achieved while maintaining the 4th Hamas Brigade in Rafah. Was not possible.

In this context, al-Duwairi said that Netanyahu always uses the word crushing, and that he had previously talked about crushing the resistance brigades in the north and the center, thus deceiving his audience and expanding his ground operations. Trying to justify. But reality belies that, as Hamas is still playing its civil and military role in the north.

The military expert believes that Netanyahu's goal in his attempts to go to Rafah is to take control of the Philadelphia Corridor, because if he succeeds in this, he will be able to isolate Gaza from the world, and if he If the West Bank tries to carry out the operation, it will cause a huge humanitarian disaster.

Regarding Netanyahu's announcement that his goal is to eliminate the 4th Hamas Brigade, al-Duwairi said that this is a weak argument that he is presenting to the US and the Western world, given Washington's objections about this operation. In view of because it is costly from humanitarian point of view. And effective solutions are difficult to find without humanitarian disaster.

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