A British man called on customers at a Manchester store to boycott Israeli products


Britain- Pro-Palestine movements circulated a video clip of an activist holding a megaphone in a Sainsbury's store in the British city of Manchester to educate customers not to buy Israeli products or brands that support the occupation.

He began cataloging products and defining their source. For example, avocados come from illegal settlements in the West Bank. The activist called on shoppers to review labels, know the source of each item, and ensure that their purchases do not support the genocide in Gaza.

“We can support justice through what we buy and what we don't buy, so if you protest against the genocide in Gaza and the ethnic cleansing taking place there, please don't buy Israeli products,” the activist said. “

What does the boycott mean for Israel's economy?

According to a report prepared by the US Rand Corporation in 2015, the economic boycott of Israel resulted in cumulative losses of approximately $15 billion between 2013 and 2014. This reduced Israel's per capita GDP by 3.4%.

The current boycott, which is more widespread than previous boycott campaigns, is likely to cause greater economic damage to Israel.

The Israeli war on the Gaza Strip entered its 126th day, and the occupation forces continued to carry out massacres, leaving 27,947 martyred and 67,459 injured, in addition to an unprecedented humanitarian disaster and massive destruction of infrastructure. Most of them were children and women.

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