Widespread support from Arab communities for Qatar national team..Fans: Asian Cup final between two brothers is a dream come true

Al-Thumama- “This happiness is our right. An Arab final was our dream. Al-Anabi's victory gladdened our hearts, and our support is the least return of duty and gratitude.” The phrase echoes as Arab fans of the Qatar national team celebrate their qualification to meet their Jordan team in the all-Arab final for the Asian Cup, which will be held at the Lusail Stadium next Saturday, marking Qatar's 2022 World Cup final. Was hosted.

Qatari and Arab fans present at Al Thumama Stadium celebrated in the stands and reacted to Akram Afif's call and the shouts of Annabi players.

“Shilohah, Shiloh, win tonight.” With this slogan, the Qatari fans present in the stands started celebrating the winning goal scored in the last minutes over Iran (3-2). The celebration did not stop until the final whistle, and continued for almost an hour, while fans in the stands chanted the players' names and interacted. With the song “Shumi Lah” symbolizing the historic victory in the first Asian title 4 years ago.

Next Saturday's final between Qatar and Jordan will be the third all-Arab final in the history of the continental championship, following the 1996 edition between Saudi Arabia and the Emirates and the 2007 edition between Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

Arabic Delight

Jordan fan Muhammad Abu Hammoud had no idea that his move to work and reside in the State of Qatar 3 years ago would allow him to participate in the best organized and popular edition of the Asian Championship and witness Jordanian football's most prominent continental achievement. will gain help in.

The 30 days were enough to fulfill the dream of Abu Hammoud and Jordanian football fans to see their country's national team meet their Qatari brother in the final, so that there would be Arab joy at the title, no matter who takes the crown.

Abu Hammoud stressed that he expects two Arab teams to qualify for the finals (Al Jazeera)
Abu Hammoud: My support and endorsement of Al-Annabi is the lowest duty I have for the country in which I have been working and living for years (Al-Jazeera)

Abu Hammoud (46 years old) told Al Jazeera Net that he attended all the matches of his country Jordan and encouraged all the Arab teams during their matches in the tournament, and that he expected the final match to be entirely Arab.

He said that he attended more than one match of the Qatar national team at the tournament, and that his eagerness to support him and Al Annabi is one of his smallest duties towards the country in which he and his family have worked for years. Doing and living.

He further said, “I never dreamed that my country would reach the final and I came to support Qatar in the match against Iran to qualify. Thank God, my dream of the Arab final came true and Became reality.” Lusail Stadium ground.

support qatar

In turn, Sudanese fan Mohammed Al-Badri believes that Qatar's victory over Iran, and its qualification to meet Jordan in the Asian Cup final, increased the joys of Arab football and called the final an excellent Arab football wedding. made.

Al-Badri, who attended with his family, told Al Jazeera Net that Qatar is his second country, and it has many advantages, and Arabs have the right to the joy of seeing two Arab teams in the Asian finals. The championship, especially because it is being held on Arab soil.

Al-Badri attended with his wife and children to support the Qatar national team (Al-Jazeera).
Al-Badri: I will strive to participate in the finals to support Arab football and happiness because everyone will be victorious (Al-Jazeera)

He said that the victories of Qatar and Jordan and their qualification to the Asian finals made all Arabs happy, especially because the final was between two brothers, and the title would be Arab and the happiness would also be Arab.

He added, “I have been living in Doha for 15 years, and my children were born and raised here, so I did not hesitate to come and support Qatar, and I came to the final to support Arab football and happiness.” I will try to participate because everyone will be victorious regardless of the outcome of the match.”

he deserved to win

As for Egypt's Ahmed Ismail (27 years old), who has lived his whole life in Qatar, he also participated to support and support Qatar in the victory over Iran, given that in the Asian Championships The most beautiful thing that happened was the completely Arab final between Qatar and Jordan.

Ismail told Al Jazeera Net that the Qatar national team deserved to win against all expectations, and the fans in the stands were supportive, and the players presented high technical levels, fought for every ball and did their best, Which helped him to achieve this. Victory.

Ahmed believes Qatar deserves victory over Iran (Al Jazeera)
Ismail: Qatar deserves to qualify for the finals by beating Iran (Al Jazeera)

He said that he enjoyed attending the match and supporting the Qatar national team, especially because it was not the first time, as he has participated in many matches for the Qatar national team and also during World Cup matches. Supported.

While Sidi Mohammed of Mauritania believes that his presence to support and assist the Qatari national team against Iran is a natural matter, especially since we “are Arabs and brothers, and it is our duty to support each other “

Sidi Mohammed told Al Jazeera Net that Qatar is his second country, and he has lived there for 6 years, because he considers himself in his own country, which is why he follows all the matches of the Qatar national team And supported it.

He says that the happiness of Qatar's victory over Iran is of two types, first is the happiness of Qatar's victory and reaching the final and second is the happiness of the presence of two Arab teams in the final match.

Arabism and brotherhood

While only 7 months of residence in Qatar was enough for Salah's Sudanese friend to feel that he was in his second country, and enough to support and assist the Qatar national team in the match with Iran.

A friend told Al Jazeera Net that his presence to support and encourage the Qatar national team was “an endorsement for Arabism and brotherhood that have united us since ancient times, and I am very happy to attend this match and this It was a pleasure to live the atmosphere of “Qatari and Arab fans from different communities in Doha.”

He stressed that he wants to attend the final match between Qatar and Jordan, especially because it will be a completely Arab final, and we hope that it will suit the Arabs and the beautiful Arab football, and everyone will come. Happy out of it, regardless of winners and losers.

Passion and love of football

The celebration of the Qatari public supporting their country's national team was no less joyous than that of the Arab public, which sports analyst Mohammed Al-Muhannadi explained by saying that Qatari sporting achievements during the recent period, whether winning the 2019 Asian Cup title Or the organization of the World Cup strengthened the relationship of fans with their country's national team.

Al-Muhanadi told Al-Jazeera Net that winning the Asian title four years ago increased the popularity of football among Qataris and the World Cup made Qataris more excited and passionate about football.

He further stated that Arab football has firmly established itself in the current edition of the Asian Championship, and the qualifications of Qatar and Jordan are the greatest proof of this, pointing out that teams such as Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria and Palestine have developed high-tech Levels are presented. First and knockout rounds and emerged with our heads held high.

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