Video: “Owaisi” family faces attempts to take over their land in Jerusalem

Capture of Jerusalem- The Owais Hamad family in downtown Jerusalem has been fighting a legal battle for years to establish their ownership of a plot of land that the Israeli occupation municipality is trying to seize and turn into a public park.

Hamad Hamad, representative of the family, Owais Hamad Atallah, tells Al Jazeera Net the story of the plot of land, its use and the chain of ownership within the family since Ottoman rule through the Jordanian era (1948–1967), where it It was rented as a livestock market, until the Israeli occupation turned it into a garbage dump, then tried to confiscate it.

Hamad pointed out that there are documents proving ownership of the land since the Ottoman era, yet the Israeli Nature Authority and the occupying municipality in Jerusalem are planning to seize it and turn it into a public park within the surrounding Biblical Gardens plan. Is trying. Old Jerusalem wall.

The land area is 1,260 square meters, and it is located adjacent to the historic Jerusalem Wall from the northeastern corner.

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