Study: Planets in their first era are closer to being flat than round

Researchers at the University of Central Lancashire in the United Kingdom conducted simulations that contradict traditional assumptions about the size of newborn planets during the early stages of their formation. The results revealed – contrary to popular belief – that the planets assume a perfect spherical shape from the start. In fact, a 3D simulation revealed that the newborn planets are flat in shape, similar to the famous Smarties candy.

Dr. Dimitris Stamatelos, a co-author of the study, expressed surprise at the research results, and highlighted that the scientific team had previously assumed that planets formed as spherical celestial bodies, which raised questions about the dynamics of planet formation. Initiates a major change in scientists' understanding.

Research shows that planets are 90% flat in the early stages of their lives for a period of 1–5 million years, before their shape matures and becomes spherical or semi-spherical, and this is all “mature “Applies to the planets. , including Earth.

The study, which was published in the world's leading astronomy journal “Journal of Astronomy and Astrophysics” under the title “Three-dimensional structure of emerging planets with disk disturbances”, addresses two basic theories of planet formation: The first theory The core is accretion, which refers to the gradual accumulation of atoms and cosmic dust around the planet's nucleus. The second is the disk instability theory, which suggests that the planet formed from the rapid collapse of a gaseous disk due to gravity.

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