Isn't it time to calm the Moroccan-Algerian discord?


I read with great interest the statement of the Algerian politician Louisa Hanoun, in which she said that she refuses to involve her country in a war with Morocco. This is not a statement thrown about its meaning; Because Louisa Hanoun is one of the pillars of politics in Algeria, she has a long experience, during which she passed decisive stages on the way to her country, and paid a heavy price for her positions and commitments. His weight is not measured by the weight of the party he heads, because he is one of those people who are the conscience of a country, a reference and a compass for it.

I say this because I am a Moroccan who finds himself not in isolation, but at enmity, with Algeria. Everything unites Morocco and Algeria, except politics, and politics is linked to a system, context, context and perhaps people. It is not the constant, but the variable.. But it is the variable that has covered the constant, rather the constant, and is about to overthrow everything.

Despite the rift between the two countries, the flame of hope has not been extinguished, and proof of this is the tender cry of Verbena Hanoun, and similar cries that I hear here in my country, however faint and barely intelligible Be. There is still room for reason and deliberation, and there are still, here and there, strong minds and judicious voices… but we realize that the call of reason is the last thing to be invoked when the commotion is rampant He goes and screams spread. We are in a time of shouting, and of those who continue to shout.

The current generation of both countries do not know each other except through an official narrative, which involves an essential enemy or an intimate enemy, as they say. The present generation of both the countries has opened their eyes while the borders between the two countries remain closed. He neither lived through the phase of liberation, nor did he live in anticipation of the unity of the Greater Maghreb that followed.

Media artists quarrel over simple things that are evidence of the interrelation of two peoples, over the identity of couscous, caftan, zelij and malahoun… I always find it very difficult to mention to my students, that when I was a student, In Morocco we were studying the history of the Union of Muslim Scholars and the literature of Abdel Hamid Ibn Badis. And the texts of al-Bashir al-Ibrahimi, and before that The North African Star, and then the novel The Fakir's Son, about the birth of the Pharaoh and the industrial revolution in Algeria.

My students look at me in amazement as if I'm telling them about something from Mars. These Karagala, who call us bitter, you study their affairs, and do not appreciate the difference between yours? Are you serious Professor?

Of course, verbal skirmishes instigated by “influential people” cannot be underestimated, even if they arise from suspicion, reflect ignorance, and are motivated by prejudice. A fire is kindled with two sticks, as the poet says, and the beginning of a war is speech, as he implies.

There is no doubt, as far as I can tell, that both leaderships are aware of the consequences of the adventure, and aware of the depth of the relationship between the two countries, but we realize that the world is interconnected. , and that wars can be fought by proxy, for one's own benefit, at the expense of others. Intelligent people of both the countries should remember this. According to what Louisa Hanoun said, there are parties whose interest is to turn it against that and then give up and they have weakened this and that.

The war I want between my country, Morocco and Algeria, is a war against poverty and ignorance. Rather, I want us to fight it together, and this “war” can only be won together.

Of course, politics is based on realism. In fact, as few people know, it is the art of the possible, but politics according to what is possible, in a certain context, can be breaking the cycle, reflecting and repenting in the same place, as a horse with its hooves. Does it from. Therefore, sometimes it is necessary to tear and break the veil of realism. The obstacles erected by dreams and imagination, and in scientific terms, must be transformed in the face of a problematic situation.

There is no breakthrough on the horizon between the two countries as per the existing model that regulates relations between the two countries. The symptom became a cause, and the cause became mixed with the effect, and it became as if someone was offering a “treatment” based on a poor diagnosis. Imagine someone complaining of a stomach ulcer and taking a headache-relieving pill. He keeps taking one pill after another and the wound gets worse and does not heal.

I could expect the worst. I try to think pessimistically, so that we can act optimistically. I don't expect that after the war on Gaza calms down, the region will be left alone… I don't think that those who tried to stereotype the region after the fall of the Berlin Wall and after September 11 will give up. Will accept their hands. They will take advantage of our contradictions and wage war to their liking based on our narcissism: Morocco versus Algeria, and Algeria against Morocco, telling Algeria what it wants to hear, repeating what Moroccan officials want to hear, and Will raise the Arabs against him. Amazighs, Amazighs against Arabs, modernists against conservatives, and conservatives against modernists, and so on.

We will see a new generation shaping the imagination, as the neoconservatives recommended two decades ago. I believe that work has begun on the part of academics to shape the field. I hope I'm wrong.

Let us leave politics to the politicians, who work within the bounds of the possible and square the circle, and let those who are not swayed by the whims of politics or swayed by whims, let us meet together and be free. Are allowed to speak formally. Maybe they'll diagnose the disease, and maybe they'll find a cure, or at least stop the disease. Taking the wrong medicine.

In September 1991, on the occasion of the Maghreb Summit in Casablanca (which I think was the last one), and the “Desert Storm” war had ended, and then I was appointed to study at the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Who was a Moroccan journalist. The newspaper “L'Opinon” (Al-Rai), Mr. Naim Kamal, asked: to meet me at the Sheraton Hotel, so that I could put him in the picture, as they say.

What I said to them, and the conversation between us was in French: They will work on us (sic), and I mean the area. His response to my fear was that it was not unlikely. Unfortunately, what I expected came true, the Maghreb dream was closed, Libya was put under siege, and Algeria entered a period of strong shocks, and after that the Maghreb Summit did not take place.

Who knows? Perhaps the post-Desert Storm scenario will be repeated with a war on Gaza, and if repeated, it will be more foolish, neither sustainable nor effective.

I say exactly what Louisa Hanoun said, and I don't have her weight, her audacity, or her intelligence: I don't want my country to be thrown into an adventure with Algeria… and I just I am also looking for rational people, here and there, to extinguish the fuse of alienation, and I see who will embrace these rational people. This is a historic opportunity for rational people of both countries to listen to each other, and it would be unwise to waste it.

If Hanoun says it, believe her, because Hanoun said what he said.

The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the editorial position of Al Jazeera.

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