Hamid Dabashi: Al-Aqsa flood was a historical turning point, and Israel lost the academic community

Readers know him as a distinguished cultural critic and award-winning author, but he is also a political thinker, sociologist, expert on Middle Eastern issues, and a writer specializing in the moral, political and intellectual history of Muslims.

In his works, Iranian-American academic and writer Hamid Dabashi analyzes a number of cultural topics, including the contemporary history of Iran, noting that his country is in an ongoing debate between two contradictory visions of modernity, one colonial and the other anti-colonial. Is in. Dabashi sees the rise of Islamic movements as one of the forms of “liberation theology”, emphasizing the rejection of the narrative of the essentialism of contradiction. Among the concepts of Islam and the West, he destroyed many of the concepts of Orientalists and Islamists alike. ,

Dabashi was born and raised in the city of Ahwaz, Iran, and received his education there before traveling to the United States. He received his doctorate in sociology of culture and Islamic studies from the University of Pennsylvania in 1984.

He served as the Hagop Kevorkian Professor of Iranian Studies and Comparative Literature at Columbia University in New York City, and his books and articles have been translated into many languages, including German, French, Arabic, Persian, Portuguese, and Japanese. Al Jazeera Net interviewed about Israel's war on Gaza and its effects on the world of ideas and politics in the Middle East region:

  • Major events occurred in the last twenty years: On September 9, 2001, the United States invaded and occupied Iraq and Afghanistan. In late 2010, the events of the Arab Spring occurred, and then Israel's war on Gaza. Do you see any connection between them, or does the Al-Aqsa flood represent a new era in the Arab and Islamic region?

Of course, you can add all these events together and conclude that there is also a great awakening in the region against the tyranny of corrupt Arab rule and foreign domination. But I believe that the current events triggered by the “Al-Aqsa flood” are a turning point in our modern history, whether in the long Palestinian struggle against the “Israeli settler colony” or the plot of Arab regimes to normalize relations. In. With Israel as we see in the Abrahamic Agreement.

The current events that began with the “Al-Aqsa Flood” are a turning point in our modern history

The US, EU and Israeli supporters will continue to try to revive the “two-state” illusion to conceal the genocide in Gaza and deceive Arab regimes that wish to normalize relations with Israel. But the Arab people will never be a part of that betrayal.

  • There are those who believe that the West's purpose of bringing its fighter aircraft carriers and others is to prevent Iran from giving it the opportunity to increase its influence and control, as it did with its intervention in Syria at the time of the Arab Spring. Are Tehran's ambitions different from the aspirations of the people of the region?

The confrontation between the ruling regime in Iran and the United States and its European and Arab allies supporting their regime, and this confrontation comes at the expense of oppressed people in both Iran and the Arab world.

We should never confuse the Iranian regime with the people who, as you can see, periodically rebel against their government and suffer brutal repression. We must see the Iranians' struggle for freedom and against the tyranny of the ruling regime in the context of other countries and peoples struggling in the region.

Israel is a military garrison and settler colony invented by England, supported by the United States, and armed by Germany and other European countries.

  • Despite the heinous crimes committed by the occupation against the Palestinian people in Gaza and the West Bank, Western governments see Israel as having the right to defend itself and do not care about popular protests. Are we facing contradictions or fragmentation and alienation between these governments and their people?

No racist colonizer and apartheid regime has the right to occupy, criminalize, kill and attack the local population of a country it has colonized for more than a century.

Israel is a military base and settler colony, invented by England, supported by the United States, and armed by Germany and other European countries. It is not a country like Egypt, Turkey, Iran or any other major country in the region that has the right to defend itself. This settler colony is now carrying out one of the most horrific acts of genocide in modern history, and it is doing so in the name of the entire Western colonial legacy that it has inherited and continues to do so today.

  • Do you expect Western popular support for the Palestinian cause to continue in light of the insistence of Western governments, their media, and their digital networks to obscure the Palestinian narrative and mislead global public opinion?

Public support has always been there and will continue to be there, but this support does not translate into policy changes in countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Germany, etc.

There are Israeli lobby groups in these countries – including major media outlets like the New York Times and the BBC – that have worked hard for decades with enormous financial resources to corrupt and control the ruling regime's institutions on Israel's behalf – and there Of course, there is a popular revolt against Zionist control of the media, and there are alternative sources of news and analysis around the world.

Today Israel has become the most hated colonial colony in the world. Israeli lobbyists in the United States, Europe, Canada, and Australia can do little to change this fact.

But as is abundantly clear in the case of South Africa at The Hague, in which Israel was accused of genocide, people around the world are not sitting idly by while Israel and its supporters go about their business. By carrying out this genocide against Palestinians in Gaza and the rest of Palestine, Israel has become the most hated settler colony in the world today. Israeli lobby groups in the United States, Europe, Canada, and Australia can do little to change this fact.

Today, no struggle for liberation anywhere – especially in the Arab and Islamic world – can be legitimate without starting from Palestine and making the Palestinians the starting point.

  • What are your expectations for the future of the cognitive and intellectual study of the Palestinian issue from the perspective of post-colonial studies?

Palestine has been the subject of extensive study by the Palestinians themselves for decades and – in many ways – is today at the forefront of Palestinian national liberation and a source of inspiration for all liberation movements around the world. What distinguishes it from other similar movements is the magnitude of the unequal battle between the Palestinians and their occupiers, to such an extent that anywhere in the world today, especially in the Arab and Islamic world, no struggle for liberation exists without The beginning may not be valid. From Palestine and the Palestinians. as his starting point.

  • What distinguishes the Palestinian liberation movement from other liberation movements in Vietnam, North and South Africa, and elsewhere? Is it possible to end Palestinian resistance, as the Israeli occupation and its Western supporters want to do?

No, it is impossible. You have Jared Kushner vs. Mahmoud Darvish! You have Benjamin Netanyahu vs. Edward Said! You have Donald Trump and Joe Biden versus Ghassan Kanafani and Mai al-Masri. Who will win and who will lose in the great battle of reason and logic against cruelty and madness? We will win, they will lose.

  • In the context of the pressure that academics and researchers in Western universities face not to express opinions that are neutral or contrary to the Zionist narrative, true freedom to express opinions through institutions established to teach critical thinking to youth But what is the way to return? And expression of opinion? In other words, how can we get rid of the dominance of Western ideology that is not neutral, at least with respect to the Palestinian issue?

They lost the battle in academia a long time ago. In the United States they think that if they put pressure on university presidents they will control the universities, but they are completely wrong. For decades, critical thinkers have changed the discussion from the ground up through the courses they teach, the books they publish, the lectures they give, and the powerful and precise critical language they use.

The project of decolonizing knowledge has been going on for decades. The Zionist billionaires who want to take over universities and replace university presidents are trying the wrong approach.

The Arab people from Morocco to Iraq will remember this and will never let Israel and its allies escape punishment for the crime of genocide.

  • What lessons can be learned from the Al-Aqsa flood? To what extent can we benefit from these lessons regarding the future of Arab and Muslim peoples, organizations, parties, and governments?

The lesson is simple: Palestinian resistance – against the theft of the homeland – is alive and well! Arab regimes had better be careful and not have hallucinations about normalization with Israel, otherwise what happened during the Arab Spring will put their regimes in danger.

Remember, since October 7, 2023, the rulers of the entire Arab world have sat on their hands while Israel, under the leadership of its Western coalition, has killed thousands of Palestinian Arabs, injuring many more, in Gaza. Destroyed, and brutalized 2.2 million people.

The Arab people from Morocco to Iraq will remember this and will never let Israel and its allies escape punishment for the crime of genocide. An African country (South Africa) was the one that brought Israel to the International Court of Justice, and not a single Arab or Islamic country supported it. The world will remember him!

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