Blind Spot… Why is Israel spending billions of dollars to confront the “fireworks” of resistance?

The impact of rockets fired at Israeli cities by the Palestinian resistance has not only been limited to causing economic losses of more than $60 billion to Tel Aviv, but they have also hit the confidence of investors and tourists in Israel.

Although some describe the resistance missiles as “fireworks”, Muhammad Afzaz, economics editor of the Al Jazeera Net website, says these games have turned Israel into an economically troubled country, in addition to the fact that 500 It costs $60,000 to shoot down a dollar missile. ,

According to the film “Blind Spot” produced by Al Jazeera Net, these missiles dealt a painful blow to many sectors inside Israel, including agriculture, tourism, technology, industry and aviation.

Israel lost $60 billion during the first three months of the current war on the Gaza Strip, equivalent to 10% of its annual GDP.

According to Afzaz, Israel wants to destroy infrastructure in the Gaza Strip, restrict its population and push them towards immigration, making Gazans more attached to their land.

The natural gas wealth found beneath Gaza's shores represents one of the main incentives that motivate Israel to destroy the strip and take control of its assets.

Israel's enormous spending during the last months of the war to crush Palestinian resistance represents a real threat to itself.

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