Analyst: For these reasons, Washington is optimistic about the prospects of reaching an agreement between Hamas and Israel

The two political analysts agreed that the US administration has become convinced that there is no longer any room to overturn the position of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) in the context of demanding an end to the war in the Gaza Strip, and it must respond to Need feedback regarding prisoner exchange deal.

Despite differences in positions between Hamas and Israel over the appropriate formula for a ceasefire and prisoner exchange, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said an agreement between the two sides was likely and would provide a reasonable basis for continued negotiations.

Blinken – who met Israeli leaders – said there was still room for agreement between Israel and Hamas, giving an important signal that Hamas's response, though unacceptable in some aspects, would still be a basis for dialogue. As described.

The program “Gaza…What Next?” During his participation in the event, Dr. Bilal al-Shobaki, head of the political science department at Hebron University, said indicators of the U.S. position had emerged even before Blinken arrived in Tel Aviv, and that it would be useful for Israeli leaders regarding the next steps. can result in effective communication.

Al-Shoubaki believes that Washington has created the impression through recent data that negotiations with Hamas are no longer likely but inevitable, and this is confirmed by statements by Israeli officials, including the minister in the War Council. Got strength. , Benny Gantz, who talked about the need to reshape Israeli war priorities.


This is also supported by Israeli street opinion polls, which show that more than half of them support an agreement with Hamas, despite occupation Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's insistence that political parties not reach an agreement. But will encourage you to speak loudly in support of going. His high level statement.

The head of the political science department at Hebron University points out that numerous reports indicate that the Israeli political level is no longer convinced by Netanyahu's vision of the goal of achieving a complete victory at this stage, and that it is necessary to go to negotiations.

But what embarrasses occupation leaders and prompts them to make these statements while completely rejecting Hamas's response – according to al-Shoubaki – is that it is based on the need for a permanent ceasefire , which means ending the military operation, to emphasize that at the same time, even though Hamas's conditions were lower, these statements did not differ.

Al-Shoubaki hopes that the Israeli War Council meeting – which discusses Hamas's response – will come up with a more stringent formula in an effort to prove that Israel still has the upper hand, and so that the situation Be consistent with repeated strong reactions. Statement regarding the war in the Gaza Strip.

cause for optimism

In turn, former US State Department diplomat Charles Dunn believes that Washington's optimism about the possibility of reaching an agreement between Hamas and Israel is justified by the arrival of the Hamas delegation in Cairo to continue negotiations and by Netanyahu. There is failure to close the door. Despite his announcement of rejection of the terms of the movement, the negotiation process continued.

This was seen as encouraging for the US administration to continue its diplomatic efforts by working with the mediating parties – particularly Qatar and Egypt – as well as maintaining this supportive momentum for negotiations until an agreement is reached. Also to continue negotiations with Israel.

Dan points out that a large number of observers believe that Hamas cannot be eliminated, and that this goal cannot be achieved, and therefore an agreement must be reached that ends the war and brings peace to the region. lead to an end to the crisis. ,

The former US diplomat continued that his country's position on the need for a political horizon that includes the existence of a Palestinian state began to take shape weeks ago, but also includes the assumption that Hamas will not be in power, leading to its Presence is getting stronger. The Palestinian Authority, and at a certain stage supporting elections that support this presence.

He further said that the United States believes that it is possible to reach some kind of agreement in the short term on a prisoner exchange and the delivery of humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip, which Israel is blocking access to, Especially in the northern parts. Strip, which may eventually lead to progress in other files.

Dan believes that Israel, through its pressure, wants Hamas to give up remaining in power after the war, to accept some arrangements that will not necessarily lead to a permanent ceasefire, and to release all Palestinian prisoners. Don't be forced to.

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