After months of disagreement, Zelensky ousts army commander

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky decided to fire Ukrainian Army Commander Valery Zalogny and replace him with Ground Forces Commander Oleksandr Syrsky, at a time when the Russian military remains dominant, nearly two years after the war began.

Zelensky described the new commander as “the most experienced general in Ukraine”, noting that he led the defense of the capital Kyiv at the beginning of the war, and then led the counter-offensive in late 2022, leading to the liberation. Found. Kharkiv region.

Zalogny's replacement came after months of disagreement between Zelensky and the army chief, whom many Ukrainians consider a national hero.

“As of today, a new management team takes over the leadership of the Armed Forces of Ukraine,” Zelensky said in a statement.

Ground forces commander Sersky takes command amid a state of great uncertainty as Kiev awaits vital military aid from the United States that was delayed several months ago due to a political dispute there.

Strong Man

Opinion polls have shown that Ukrainians' confidence in Zalogny, nicknamed the Iron General, is more than 90%, much higher than Zelenskiy, whose popularity was estimated at 77% late last year.

Zalogny, 50, took office in February 2022, just months before the start of the Russian war on Ukraine. Ukrainian forces under his command prevented a widespread invasion of the country, and were later able to recapture some captured territories.

Zelensky said he met with Zalogny to discuss a change in military leadership, adding that he asked the general to remain “within his team.”

Zalogny said in a separate statement that he had an “important and serious conversation” with Zelensky and that they decided to change some war tactics and strategies.

“The tasks of 2022 are different from the tasks of 2024,” Zalogny’s statement said, “so everything will have to change and adapt to new realities.” So we can win together.”

The statements by Zelensky and Zalogny were published around the same time, suggesting that Ukraine's two most prominent wartime figures coordinated closely in a show of unity.

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