3 Israeli army members injured in Hezbollah attack

The Israeli military announced on Thursday that an officer and two soldiers from its army were wounded in northern Israel as a result of rockets fired from Lebanon, while Hezbollah announced that it had carried out two operations against Israeli targets on Lebanon's southern border. .

“Several rocket shells that violated the borders from Lebanese territory were monitored towards the areas of Kiryat Shmona, Baranit and Mount Hermon in the north of the country,” the Israeli military said in a statement, adding that it was the result of the bombardment. Happened in an injury. One non-commissioned officer was seriously injured, while two other reservists were slightly injured.

On the other hand, Hezbollah announced in a statement that its members “targeted the command headquarters of the 769th Eastern Brigade of the 91st Galilee Division in the Kiryat Shmona barracks with appropriate weapons.” Hezbollah also attacked Israeli-held barracks in the upper area with missiles. Galilei, confirms direct hit.

The Israeli military confirmed that “warplanes attacked infrastructure and a military building used by Hezbollah in the Khiyam area of ​​southern Lebanon, from where launch operations towards the Kiryat Shmona area were monitored.”

The army published photos of the raid on Hezbollah infrastructure and reconnaissance sites in the Khiyam village area, and said in a statement that one-sixth of all rocket launches from Lebanese territory since the beginning of the fighting came from there. I went. Around Khiyam.

For its part, Al Jazeera's correspondent reported that Israeli bombardment also targeted the city of Kafr Kila and the surrounding towns of al-Addisa, Tayer Harfa and al-Zubain in southern Lebanon.

In the wake of the devastating war on Gaza Strip, since October 8, the Israeli-Lebanese border has witnessed firing between Israeli forces, Hezbollah and Palestinian factions, resulting in deaths and injuries on both sides. As Lebanese citizens.

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