Yedioth Ahronoth: “How far away are we from a strategic victory”

Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth said that despite achieving tactical gains against the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), Israel is still far from a strategic victory in Gaza, 4 months after the war began.

In a report titled “4 months after the war began, the end of Khan Yunis is drawing near… Achievements and goals await achievement, and strategic disappointments” the newspaper wrote that the army achieved many Yes, but it has not happened yet. It succeeded in achieving one of its main goals, which is to eliminate senior Hamas leaders.

Senior Hamas leaders and prisoners

The newspaper said that upon reaching Khan Yunis the army was now facing the western wing of the local Hamas battalion, and estimates indicated that it would be able to achieve its objective within a week and complete the second phase, i.e. the offensive. Will be capable. of the southern Gaza Strip, will then move to the third phase, which will also include Khan Younis, but two targets. Two essential things that he had identified in the city were not met. Senior Hamas leaders were not eliminated, led by Yahya al-Sinwar and Muhammad al-Deif, and the location where the prisoners were held was not determined and they were not rescued.

The newspaper says that the Israeli military claims that intense military pressure through ground forces alone is enough to motivate Hamas to complete another deal, but the reality shows that the signal is that it is willing to accept the release of detainees. Accessing the sites – even if they are submitted daily – is not what caused them to be captured alive.

no strategic victory

The primary goal of the army in the first and second phases – the newspaper reminds – was to eliminate the command and control capabilities possessed by “Hamas” and destroy its bases above and below ground, but in addition to daily tactical achievements – such as weapons. Reaching manufacturing workshops and destroying them – Israel is far from a complete strategic victory. The government refused to hold discussions the following day in the Gaza Strip to determine who would rule over its two million residents. Hamas has taken advantage of the current void, and there are signs of it regaining control of areas where the army had left.

Yedioth Ahronoth, quoting Israelis, estimated that between 17 and 24 Hamas brigades had been eliminated, and those that remained intact were advancing into areas where Israeli forces had not entered by deliberate decision, such as Deir al-Balah and Nusseirat in the center, and south of explosive Rafah on the Philadelphia smuggling axis. Weapons from Sinai.

Egypt and the invasion of Rafah

According to the newspaper, the plan to enter Rafah and eliminate the Hamas battalions there – where, according to Yedioth Ahronoth, the movement's leaders are likely to be hiding after their departure from the North and Center – has most likely been accomplished, But their implementation requires one of two conditions: Egyptian approval, which could force Israel to show flexibility. On the issue of bringing humanitarian aid, or Israeli approval for a Palestinian body ruling Gaza instead of Hamas, in addition to the evacuation of one million Palestinians who had fled there. North and now in refugee camps around Rafah.

The newspaper talks about another condition that it considers less important, which is the continued availability of international legitimacy under American auspices, which allows Israel to return to strong military action in Gaza, but this “legitimacy” Renewals – which were made available under wraps last October 7 – may be difficult because of US distrust of the buffer zone plan and the destruction of thousands of homes, its refusal to discuss the future status of the strip and its handover. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's request was not mentioned. “Moderate” elements from outside “Hamas”, and the right wing in their government, control most of the decisions, and this wing demands compromise. Gaza.

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