Will Al-Aqsa flood spark global conflict?

Has the specter of world war gone away from Ukraine, so that Europe will have to pay the price of World War III, fueled by European peoples and European civilizational gains? Or this ghost has decided to move to the Middle East in view of the gradual regional and international developments taking place in the region as part of the Zionist-American genocidal war on the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip and its declared and undeclared consequences. Goals in the last four months?

February 23 The Russian war on Ukraine has completed its second year and is still deadlocked. Despite their massive support for Ukraine with weapons and advanced combat equipment, training, planning and management of the battle, which US officials expected, neither Russia emerged victorious and achieved its goals, nor did the United States. And its allies were able to bring victory to Ukraine. Lasted for more than 5 years, which caused many observers of the time to fear that this war would develop into a world war.

The United States had several solutions to reduce the duration of the war, stop the destruction of the Gaza Strip and the killing of civilians, double the amount of confusion in the regional and international situation at sea and on land, and expose the falsity of the principles . It embraces the values ​​of resorting to dialogue and political solutions to resolve crises.

Indicators and prospects

At a time when the war on the Gaza Strip continues, and at a time when the destruction, killing and suffering continues, killing about 200 people every day and injuring more than 500 civilians, and at a time when the pace is accelerating What is happening, and positions are colliding in the search for a solution that will stop this war and open the way for… political steps to end this tragedy; The region has begun to see deliberate movements led by the United States working to expand the scope of the conflict, leading many regional countries to reposition themselves and respond to expected changes in the event of an outbreak of conflict. May inspire you to determine your position. Which could lead to a global war which has become a vital strategic necessity for many countries in the world. At this stage.

A number of indicators lead us to talk about the prospects of a Third World War in the Middle East and to say that what is happening in the Gaza Strip could be one of the factors for the outbreak of this war, and at the forefront of The indicators are as follows:

  • The US administration still openly supports the Zionist entity in its crimes in the Gaza Strip politically, militarily, and in the media, as if it is waging a proxy war on its behalf.

The genocidal war taking place in the Gaza Strip goes beyond, from an operational perspective, the Zionist entity's reaction to the “Al-Aqsa flood” attack on settlements around the Gaza Strip on October 7, and its desire for revenge. Secure your future borders with the Gaza Strip.

The United States has a number of solutions that it could implement to reduce the duration of the war, stop the destruction of the Gaza Strip and the killing of civilians, double the amount of confusion in the regional and international situation on sea and land, increase Was. The level of popular dissatisfaction with what is happening distorts the image of the United States, and reveals the falsity of the principles and values ​​adopted by it, which have always been dependent on dialogue and cooperation to resolve bilateral or multiple crises. Affirms the need to resort to political solutions.

  • Operations conducted by the Northern Front and Hezbollah are still governed by specific rules of engagement, although what Hezbollah is doing is not much different militarily and intellectually from what Hamas and the armed Palestinian resistance have done. It adopts the same approach that Iran, Hamas and Jihad take with respect to the Zionist entity. They entered the war in support of Hamas and the resistance in Gaza after the “al-Aqsa flood”.

According to the party, in the first three months, it carried out approximately 700 attacks on Israeli targets, including 48 Israeli military sites and points. It also targeted 17 settlements along the border, causing damage to the Zionist Army in these confrontations and injuring more than two thousand of its members.

opposite of this; Israeli military sources reported that its forces have attacked approximately 3,500 Hezbollah targets since the beginning of the war, destroying 150 of its cells, killing 200, while Hezbollah announced That his death toll has so far reached 179 martyrs.

Despite the Zionist entity's constant threats to Hezbollah that if it did not stop, the fate of Beirut would be like the fate of Gaza; However, the situation on the northern front remains the same, and both sides remain committed to the rules of engagement with the other side.

  • Despite Iran's declaration of support for the Palestinian resistance movements and their support in the war against the Zionist entity, it is still exploring political and diplomatic approaches to deal with what is happening in the Gaza Strip, and has used very cautious language. Is using. Even in responding to Israeli attacks it was exposed inside Iran and Syria, in order to achieve a balance of deterrence in return for avoiding confrontation with the United States and NATO before completing international alliances. Can go.

Many indicators ask us to take a deeper look at the events happening around us, and not just stop at their presence. What we see on the surface has roots extending down below, depending on the size and nature of the forces. Through operations they manage to achieve their goals, near and far, in a way that guarantees their superiority and dominance.

  • What is happening in the Red Sea, in which the Houthi regime is targeting ships headed towards the Zionist entity, raises many questions about the reality of what is happening there, because what is happening there Seems incomprehensible, and perhaps sometimes fabricated or fabricated. His goals outweigh his true intentions, so why? Essentially, aid ships are forced to enter through the Red Sea, while sea routes to deliver this aid from Europe and the United States are open to them via the Mediterranean Sea, which is the shortest distance, and the most Less time and cost?

Why do commercial ships headed for the Zionist entity insist on passing through the Red Sea strait despite Houthi threats? Why was the US-British response to the Houthis delayed? If the United States was going to launch its attacks jointly with Britain, why did it delay so long until an international coalition was formed against the Houthis in the Red Sea? How is it possible that the Houthis control an international sea corridor such as the Red Sea, and the United States can only confront it with an international coalition? Where is the United Nations? Where is the Security Council in this?

  • It was not intended for military operations on the northern front of the Zionist entity, nor in the Red Sea, nor for Houthi ballistic missiles against Eilat, nor for military operations against American bases in Syria and Iraq. Any role in pressuring the Zionist entity to stop the war and alleviate the suffering of the Palestinian people. The biggest role that can be monitored from these operations is to increase tension in the region and worry about the escalation of the conflict.

These were merely indicators, calling us to take a deeper look at the events happening around us, and not to stop at their obvious presence alone. What we see on the surface has roots extending down below, depending on the size. forces and the nature of operations, they manage to achieve their targets near and far in a way that guarantees their superiority and dominance.

Some may believe that such conversations involve exaggeration, or departures from context that are not realistic, but that is what would prompt us to stop at these and similar indicators. and inspires us to think carefully about the possibilities of their connection with future events, more than we do. expect. That world war has become an urgent demand that imposes itself on the major international powers, official and unofficial.

Also, the world war does not occur suddenly like the “Al-Aqsa flood” or other lightning wars, but is preceded by many movements and operations at different levels, paving the way for the outbreak of the world war, which does not happen There must necessarily be a nuclear war, similar to the one fought by the American and Soviet Poles after World War I. The second are long wars lasting several decades, in which millions of people were killed without using any nuclear weapons.

The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the editorial position of Al Jazeera.

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