US military: Houthis fired 6 missiles at two ships near Yemen

The US military announced today, Wednesday, that the Yemeni Houthi group fired six ballistic missiles at two ships in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden, adding that one ship suffered minor damage but there were no casualties.

The US Central Command explained – in a statement published on the “X” platform – that three missiles targeted the cargo transport ship “Star Nasya” while it was transiting the Gulf of Aden, noting that the ship had An explosion was reported, causing minor damage but no injuries.

He said the US destroyer “La Bon” was located near the “Star Nasya” and shot down one of the missiles fired by the Houthis, adding that the other three Houthi missiles targeted the ship “Morning Tide” without causing any damage. K fell near him.

The Houthi group announced earlier yesterday that two US and British ships in the Red Sea were being targeted with “appropriate naval missiles”. The military spokesman, Brigadier General Yahya Sari, read a statement in which he said, “Naval forces are being targeted.” Yemeni armed forces launched two military operations in the Red Sea, first targeting a US ship (Star Nasya). The second targeted a British ship (Morning Tide). He reported that “the injuries are precise and straightforward.”

“The Yemeni armed forces, under their legitimate right of response to aggression, will conduct more qualitative military operations against all hostile American and British targets in Red and Arab Bahrain,” the Houthi spokesman said.

In a separate subsequent incident, British company Embrey said a Greek-owned cargo tanker flying the Marshall Islands flag was targeted while transiting southwest of Aden.

“Embry” initially indicated that the attack was a drone, but later amended his report, noting that the attack was “launched from a small boat that was seen near the ship” and indicated That “the projectile did not hit the ship directly” but instead exploded nearby.

An explosion occurred near a Greek commercial ship as it passed through the Red Sea, the German news agency quoted the Greek coast guard yesterday as saying, when the ship was 90 kilometers off the coastal city of Aden. No crew members were harmed and the ship, flying the Marshall Islands flag, continued on its voyage.

The British Army's Maritime Trade Operations also reported the incident and asked ships sailing in the area to exercise caution. A spokesman for the Greek coast guard said, “We don't have any details yet. It could be a sea mine.”

Al-Houthi threatens to increase attacks in the Red Sea unless Israeli aggression on Gaza stops and the blockade ends (European)

Al-Houthi threatened

Following these attacks, Houthi group leader Abdul-Malik al-Houthi warned of increasing attacks in the Red Sea unless the aggression and siege on the Gaza Strip stops.

“We warn the attackers that they must stop their aggression against Gaza and end their siege, otherwise we will try to escalate further,” al-Houthi said in a speech yesterday.

He added, “Our Yemeni people will continue all their activities in the Red Sea, within the framework of their rightful and honorable position with regard to military and general mobilization and the Yemeni people stand together against the evil triumvirate of the US, Israel and the UK. Are.” Courage, courage and tenacity, and achieve victory and attack the enemies with complete boldness.”

In solidarity with the Gaza Strip, which has been the victim of continuous Israeli aggression since October 7, 2023, the Houthis are targeting cargo ships in the Red Sea, with missiles and drones, that are owned or operated by Israeli companies, or Which transport goods to and from Israel.

With the intervention of Washington and London and a significant increase in tensions last January, the Houthi group announced that it now considers all American and British ships among its military targets.

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