The film “Abu Nasab”…a cinematic chaos and repeated mistakes

Many Arab theaters have recently released the film “Abu Nassab”, in which Egyptian actor Mohammed Imam plays the lead role alongside Yasmine Sabri and Majid El Kedwany, and it is directed by Rami Imam.

With every new cinematic work Muhammad Imam faces accusations of exploiting the fame of his father, star Adel Imam, or copying his artistic style, which is naturally repeated with the show “Abu Nassab”. . Are these allegations justified this time?

i wish it was a quote

The plot of “Abu Nasab” – written by Ayman al-Wattar – actually sounds like it is a quote from the film “A Groom from a Security Agency”, one of “al-Zaim's” most famous films. The final stage of his cinematic career, and whose events revolved around a speech by Al-Najjari's beloved father. His only daughter, Habiba (Hala Shiha), refuses to marry him until she is forced to do so under the pressure of his love affair. Influential police officer Major Tariq Abdel Jalil (Sherif Munir).

As far as the movie “Abu Nasab” is concerned, its events revolve around Doctor Ali (Mohammed Imam) who is about to marry his girlfriend Dalia (Yasmeen Sabri), but a day before the wedding she dies. It is revealed that his father, Daoud al-Shansh (Majid al-Kedwani), is not dead, but a former prisoner.

The father decides to stop this marriage so that he can enjoy his daughter's love for a longer time, and when the marriage takes place against his wishes, he takes advantage of the war started by his criminal enemies to destroy his daughter and her Imprisons her husband in her palace. on the outskirts of Cairo, and disputes begin to erupt between them.

The similarities between the films “A Groom from a Security Side” and “Abu Nassab” end at the external structure of the plot, but beyond that this is a completely different project, and some viewers may have even wished that this quote continued. Will remain so, because after this cinematic anarchy spread at all levels.

Mohammed Imam had previously worked with Yasmin Sabri in “A Night Here and Soroor” and “Hell in India”, and worked with his brother Rami in several projects that also featured their father, Adel Imam, while Rami returned to cinema after a long absence in 2022. The film “Faddle and Grace” is taken from a scenario by Ayman. Watter, meaning the film team had shared a lot of work previously, which is expected to lead to greater cohesion.

But this was not achieved in the film “Abu Nasab”, in which through situational props by the director and writer, starting from the lack of harmony between Sabri and the Imam on screen, all the flaws of the previous films were applied to each side of the film. Was repeated. Comedy based on contradictions between superficially drawn film characters. Despite the advancements in cinematic visual effects in recent years, the sequences were overpriced, and the action sequences were modestly executed.

lost landscape

The script of the film “Abu Nasab” attempts to combine comedy and action, but it does not deliver either of them well, or even strike any kind of balance between them.

The comedy is represented by the character of Ali, a peaceful pediatrician, who suddenly becomes a member of a family of criminals. He attends a high-stakes meeting – for example – while offering sexual favors to everyone, or his wedding turns into a battlefield with guests being gunned down and the hotel manager dancing to the tune of… Shots.

On the other hand, his personality contrasts with that of his bride's father, Daoud al-Shansh, an experienced criminal whose heart only cares for his daughter. After being released from prison, she tries to get rid of her husband and regain her position in the world of organized crime. He surrounds himself with a group of people with strange names who follow his orders without thinking.

As for the third party, it is the bride Dalia, who naively tries to reconcile the worlds of father and husband and sees the solution to this crisis only in a heart-to-heart conversation.

The comedy of the film “Abu Nasab” is not funny, and is filled with the expected “efehat” (comic puns), which also lacks proper timing to produce the desired effect, while the action sequences were grouped in the last act. , as if the film decided to shift its focus in the last paragraph of the comedy… to the movement.

The film also begins with a large number of characters, such as Ali's uncle and mother, who wished for a better wife for him, and Dalia's mother, who hid her previous marriage to a criminal from everyone, but such as As the wedding ceremony ends, these characters disappear as if they never existed, so Ayman Wattar did not bother to include them in the film or even exploit their presence, which Could have enhanced the comedy which is missing as a result of the consumption of female comedy throughout the film.

The “Abu Nasab” scenario did not give its actors the opportunity to perform well. With these flat characters and unfunny comedy, the film seemed like a death sentence without appeal from the start, but the contrast between Majid al-Kadwani's and Muhammad Imam's efforts to deal with this devastatingly comic situation is readily apparent, And the surrender of Yasmin Sabri, who enunciates her sentences as if she had been taught them moments before filming.

Of course, there are many similarities between Muhammad Imam's comic style and that of his father, but they are acceptable similarities and move from the realm of imitation to influence, like many other actors who have tried to reproduce a similar comedy over the decades. Which has proved successful. From sea to gulf.

It's time for the young actor to find his own style, especially since he has already managed to reach the hearts of a large group of fans. The most important thing is to choose good cinematic projects and avoid the trap of repetition that can harm the beginning of a cinematic career.

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