Russian newspaper: Southern Gaza will become a trap for Israel

Russian writer Igor Subbotin reported that Israel's invasion of the southern Gaza Strip – Rafah – would become a trap for Tel Aviv by exposing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government to tensions with the United States and Egypt.

The author reported in a report published by the newspaper “Nezavisimaya” that Egypt has threatened to break its relations with Israel in the event of an influx of refugees and their entry into the Sinai Peninsula.

He said Egypt opposes the implementation of the ground operation in Rafah out of fear of escalating the humanitarian crisis on the border. Cairo fears that the attack, particularly on the Philadelphia Corridor – a narrow buffer zone between Egypt and the Palestinian Strip – would lead to a huge influx of refugees into the Sinai.

Egypt threatened to break relations

Egyptian officials had directly informed Israel that implementing such a scenario would force the Egyptian leadership to cut off bilateral communications, even though it has traditionally maintained relations with the State of Qatar including the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas). Have played the role of mediator in negotiations with.

The writer said the fight for control of Rafa requires strength. According to Israeli military commanders, the nature of operations in the area will follow the model of the war in Khan Yunis.

Therefore, the implementation of such plans is expected to increase the humanitarian catastrophe in Rafah, where about 1.3 million of Gaza's 2.2 million people live. A large part of the Palestinians arrived there from the northern areas.

Biden's distrust of Netanyahu may increase

The report quoted the American newspaper “Politico” as saying that this situation increases US President Joe Biden's lack of confidence in the Israeli Prime Minister.

In private conversations, Biden described Netanyahu as a “bad guy”, expressing fears that the Israeli prime minister's struggle to save his political career would draw the United States into a larger conflict in the Middle East, as the Pentagon had previously done. Has already taken extraordinary steps. Measures including bombing Yemen.

The report notes that one of the objectives of Israel's expected campaign in the southern Gaza Strip is to dismantle the Hamas tunnel network, with occupation forces taking control of a large part of the strategic tunnel system in Khan Yunis, where Israeli hostages and senior leadership of the Palestinian resistance are located.

Sinwar is still absconding

Meanwhile, the report said, Yahya Sinwar, the head of Hamas in Gaza, is still at large, but according to Israeli military leadership, he is isolated from full channels of communication with other senior Hamas leaders.

Under these circumstances, Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant promised to expand military operations, saying that his forces are acting decisively and accurately, “the ground operation is also progressing and achieving its goals, While Israeli forces are deployed in most parts of the Gaza Strip.” , 18 Hamas battalions have been disbanded and no longer serve as combat units.

The author quoted the American Stratfor Analytical Center, close to the US intelligence community, as saying that Hamas fighters returned to parts of the northern Gaza Strip, leading to airstrikes and Israeli military operations to suppress their activities.

Despite Israeli claims that more than half of Hamas fighters have been killed, wounded, or captured, the movement continues to exist and maintains significant capabilities in underground tunnels to conduct its operations.

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