Protest in front of French company that supplies arms to Israel accused of involvement in genocide…

Paris- Activists of the “Stop Arming Israel” organization took part in a protest on Wednesday morning in front of the headquarters of the “Dassault Aviation” company, which specializes in manufacturing military aircraft.

As part of its activities to condemn French companies that supply arms to Israel, the organization chose the day because it marks “the sad anniversary of the fourth month of Israeli aggression and genocidal war against the defenseless Palestinian people”.

Al Jazeera Net tried to obtain a statement from an official of the French company, but he declined to comment on what he described as “false allegations”.

Activists of the organization “Stop Arming Israel” demonstrated in front of the headquarters of a French company specializing in the construction of military aircraft (Al Jazeera).

condemn military support

Although their number did not exceed 30, the workers were able to cause obvious anxiety among the company's security personnel, to the extent that management ordered its employees to enter through the back door.

While some activists began distributing leaflets to passers-by and employees before the start of work hours, others demanded an end to arming Israel and condemned the ongoing genocide against Palestinian civilians.

Emmanuel, a French teacher, said that Dassault is considered “Israel's historical partner in the fields of weapons, intelligence and technology.”

He indicated in his interview with Al Jazeera Net that France has a large number of arms factories, especially in the Île-de-France region, and “so we call for more protests in front of the factories to put pressure on the government.” We do.” “Still indifferent to what's happening.”

Since last October 16, several French unions and organizations supporting the Palestinian cause have launched a global call with clear slogans, demanding an end to arms and financing, describing the Israeli occupation as genocide. Is.

Emmanuel – who participated in the demonstration today with members of the “Stop Arming Israel” organization – believes his country is continuing to sell weapons, technology and spare parts “because it generates a lot of money for manufacturers “It happens, and the sellers of death profit from the growing geopolitical risks.”

Although France affirms that it does not sell weapons, it does provide parts that are called “dual use”, meaning they can be used for civilian as well as military purposes, which French activists call “hypocrisy”. and “lies”.

The French company “Dassault Aviation” is headquartered in Israel (Al Jazeera)

historical cooperation

Israel was one of Dassault Aviation's first customers, purchasing 24 MC-450 Aurazen aircraft in 1954.

In 1962, at the request of the French government, the missile department of Dassault Saint-Cloud designed the MC-620 Jericho ballistic missile for the occupation army.

Mirage 3 aircraft first participated in combat in the ranks of the Israeli Air Force during the Six-Day War in June 1967, flying more than 12 sorties per day.

Dassault also signed a contract with Israeli startup Cognata, which is currently working on the development of autonomous military vehicle technologies for the Israeli army.

French-Israeli cooperation is not limited to the military field, as there are other partnerships in the field of information technology. For example, programs developed by Dassault Systèmes are used by several Israeli weapons manufacturing companies, including Israeli Aerospace Industries. (IAI). ) and “Elbit Systems” and “Rafael”.

The French company does not rule out establishing its headquarters in Israel, as it has published the address on its website, and it is located in Ra'anana, a city built on the ruins of Tubsar, the Palestinian village displaced in the 1948 war (Nakba). .

The number of protesters in front of the French company's headquarters did not exceed 30 people, but they created confusion for it (Al Jazeera)

heavy investment

The French group, which has specialized in 3D modeling software for 40 years, saw its net profit rise by 4% in the first half of last year, equivalent to 739.4 million euros, driven by an 8% increase in its sales. Is inspired. Or 2.88 billion euros, according to a statement published by the company last July.

According to the report on French arms exports for the year 2023 – which was also presented to Parliament last July – France sold military equipment worth 25.6 million euros to Israel in 2022, and about 208 million euros over 10 years, but these financial Amounts do not provide details. and weapons components produced and marketed by France.

Dassault Group investment chief Laurent Dassault claims to have invested millions in Israel, notably through former Israeli minister Yair Shamir's Catalyst investment fund.

“I am the Dassault who returned to Israel, the member of the family who goes there to invest with the support of the most pro-Israel group,” he said in a 2017 newspaper interview.

Today, Dassault continues to invest and cooperate with Israeli companies, led by Elbit Systems, which collaborated with the French company to create the Falcon aircraft, as well as its latest Falcon 8 aircraft, which will be used for strategic intelligence by 2025. Will enter service. Mission with the army. French.

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