Israeli media: Sinwar is playing with all of us and will not surrender

The prisoner exchange deal between the Palestinian resistance and Israel – which is under negotiation – remained discussed on Israeli media channels, and former media personalities, officials and security forces focused on analyzing the personality of the head of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas). Concentrated. Gaza Strip, Yahya Sinwar.

There was a discussion on Channel 12 about the exchange deal and the expected response from the Hamas movement. The political affairs correspondent on the same channel said, “Sinwar is manipulating Israel. Let's tell the truth.” He said: “We are in a waiting situation and it is clear to everyone. Sinwar is playing with all of us.” “This state.”

The latest news indicates that the Hamas movement presented its response to mediators on Wednesday on the proposed framework for a ceasefire agreement in Gaza. Al Jazeera published details of Hamas' response.

For his part, Micah Kobi – a former Shin Bet official – described Sinwar as “a misguided person who will never surrender and will do everything that will harm the State of Israel.”

This former officer – who interrogated al-Sinwar for dozens of hours while he was in prison – claimed he knew al-Sinwar well, and said: “I read him, saw him, sat with him , and dined with him, and I learned his manners.”

For her part, the Channel 14 anchor, asked what Israel should do to solve the mystery of Sinwar, said it has refused to release Israeli prisoners.

The former head of intelligence in the prison service, Brigadier General (Res.) Betty Lahat, responding to the broadcaster's question, said: “Israel must eliminate this man… nothing else, and we must not negotiate with him Needed.”

Lahat, who supervised Sinwar in prison, said: “He knows us well and knows our sensitivities and weaknesses. He uses our weaknesses, and he has studied Israeli street psychology.”

She revealed that she was among senior Israeli army commanders who tried to draw up an action plan to reduce the list of Palestinian prisoners in the Shalit deal, and recalled Sinwar's statement at the time: “Anything we There will be no going back from that, we decided… nothing.”

The former head of intelligence in the prison service confirmed, “All these prisoners were promised by Sinwar on the day of his release that they would be on the next list when he would have these talks with Israel.”

Israel released Sinwar in 2011, and he was one of more than a thousand prisoners freed as part of a “loyalty-free” deal in exchange for Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit.

On the other hand, Israeli channel “Kan 11” in its discussion touched upon the differences between Defense Minister Yoav Galant and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

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