Israel pledges to Blinken not to proceed on Philadelphia axis without coordination with Egypt

The official Israeli channel “Kan 11” revealed in its evening news yesterday, Wednesday, that US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken received assurances during his meetings with the Israeli political leadership that Tel Aviv will not move into Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip. and the Philadelphia Border Axis (Salah al-Din Axis) without any coordination. Complete with Egypt.

Netanyahu announced in statements yesterday evening, Wednesday, that he had issued instructions to the Israeli army to take action in Rafah.

According to the Israeli channel, Blinken expressed his concerns about the upcoming operation in Rafah and whether civilian casualties could be reduced, and the message he heard came: “We will not operate in Rafah when there are so many people there. There will be, and we are working to find a solution to evacuate the population.” Blinken also asked the Israeli Prime Minister to find a solution to the issue of blocking humanitarian aid from entering Gaza through the Kerem Shalom crossing.

Kan 11's evening news reported, “It does not seem that the operation in Rafah will be carried out soon. First of all, civilians will have to be evacuated, because Israel will not be able to take action at a time when there are 1.2 million Gazans in the area. Are, and the question is – according to the same source, where can the residents of Rafah be evacuated? “Because returning to the northern Gaza Strip is not something Israel wants. The second matter, which is no less complex, is that of coordination with Egypt.”

In recent days, Israel has discussed with Egypt the issue of the day after the end of the war on Gaza. On the Israeli side, the talks were led by Shin Bet head Ronen Bar and Israeli government activities coordinator Ghassan Alian.

Israel believes that Egypt is the most important factor in the day after the end of the war, because Egypt is the only land entry and exit gate to Gaza, and it serves as an influential and important factor in the Arab world.

Cairo announced late last month that any Israeli move toward occupying the Philadelphia Axis would pose a grave and serious threat to Egyptian-Israeli relations. This came after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu talked about the need to completely control the axis, as he said, “The Philadelphia axis must be under our control. It must be stopped. It is clear that No other arrangement will guarantee the disarmament we seek.”

It should be noted that in September 2005, after 18 months of negotiations, Egypt and Israel signed the “Philadelphia Agreement”, which allowed the presence of Egyptian forces with light weapons in the area. This agreement revolves around assuming responsibility by both parties. To counter hostile activities related to smuggling, infiltration and terrorism from any area.

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