Hamas: Netanyahu's position on the proposed agreement confirms his desire to exterminate the Palestinians

The leader of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), Osama Hamdan, said that a delegation of the movement will arrive in Cairo tomorrow, Thursday, to discuss with the Israeli Prime Minister the proposed framework for a halt to aggression and the exchange of prisoners. The discussion can be implemented. Minister Benjamin Netanyahu described the continuation of the war as “proof of their intention to exterminate and forcibly displace the Palestinian people.”

Hamdan said in a press conference from Beirut this evening, Wednesday, February 7, 2024, that Netanyahu's insistence on continuing his aggression “confirms that his real goal is to exterminate the Palestinians and displace them from their land.”

He said Netanyahu “is above the political crisis and his military failure,” and that the movement “will prevent him from achieving his goals through political and military means.”

The delegation – which will be led by Khalil al-Hayya, a member of the movement's political bureau – will discuss in Cairo the movement's response to the proposed framework, and how the Israeli side will respond.

Hamdan said Hamas' response to the outline – which Al Jazeera obtained – is largely accurate, and said what was broadcast in the media “represents the final card of the movement's response.”

The Hamas leader declined to discuss details of the movement's response to the framework issued by the Paris meeting, saying the response was subject to discussion and development.

We will not let Netanyahu achieve his goals

He stressed that the movement would not accept any agreement that did not include a complete end to the aggression, bringing in aid, sheltering the displaced, ensuring reconstruction, lifting the siege and completing the prisoner exchange process.

He stressed that despite assurances from Netanyahu and his extremist government ministers that they would refuse to stop the war, the movement dealt with the proposed framework in a positive spirit, and renewed its call for the displacement of residents of the Gaza Strip. Repeated. Attempt to hinder efforts to stop the fighting.

Hamdan called on the United States, which he said was still providing political and military cover for the aggression, to “stop these criminal practices that are setting the region on fire.”

He stressed that stopping the aggression, lifting the siege, and enabling the Palestinians to establish their own independent state with Jerusalem as its capital are the only means of stability in the region.

The announcement by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia of its commitment to the establishment of an independent Palestinian State is a step on the right path, he said, calling for this situation to become a normal practice.

But Hamdan refused to trade Palestinians' rights to normalize relations with Israel and said all Arab countries must stop normalization, break ties with the occupation and end the siege, so that Palestinians can exercise their rights. And get the land back.

He said that the relationship between the Palestinian resistance and Iran is not a secret, despite the occupation forces trying to prove it in a ridiculous way, stressing that “Tehran supports the resistance and its efforts, and appreciates this support. “And a relationship is built on mutual respect.”

Hamdan called on all resistance factions to continue the confrontation and remain vigilant against the occupation's betrayal, especially in the “last quarter of an hour of the offensive”, adding that the movement wants to end in a worthy manner. The sacrifices made by Palestinians.

The false propaganda about the occupation by some international media “will not succeed in distorting the resistance,” he said, calling on people not to engage in this propaganda, “which has proven to be false and far from reality,” he said. Said said.

Hamdan appreciated Egypt's position in rejecting all occupation plans and its efforts to displace the population of the Gaza Strip in relation to the Philadelphia axis. He stressed the movement's condemnation of all attempts at normalization and the Argentine President's intention to relocate his country's embassy. To capture Jerusalem.

He warned against participating in efforts to dismantle the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Refugees (UNRWA) and said that engaging in this process would be a partnership in trying to eliminate the right of return of Palestinian refugees.

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