“Flood of youth” calls for new ways of solidarity with Gaza

istanbul In a digital gathering through the “Zoom” virtual platform, as part of the activities of the fourth edition of the International Jerusalem Week, the “Flood of Youth” Festival was launched this evening, Wednesday, with the participation of hundreds of youth from all countries. Was. Around the world, with the aim of raising awareness and solidarity towards Jerusalem and the Palestinian cause.

Organized by the Palestine Scholars Association and civil society organizations working for Palestine, the festival saw the participation of prominent speakers and activists from various fields, including academics, artists and public figures, who highlighted the importance of activating the role of youth in relation to the current Thrown light on. Incidents in the Gaza Strip and the Blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque.

The celebration, which coincides with the Israeli offensive on the Gaza Strip since last October, talks about the most important tools and methods that youth around the world have to create real impact through which they can shape the Palestinian reality. can change. Long-term people and present-day residents of Gaza.

The participants of the “Flood of Youth” festival considered it a step on the way to victory over the “Al-Aqsa Flood” (social networking sites).

encouragement and responsibility

Speakers called for activating methods that would encourage people to continue the boycott campaigns and try to expand them as much as possible, pointing out that global sympathy for the Palestinian cause and the war on Gaza will last for the duration of the war. is decreasing with.

During his participation, Syrian activist al-Harith al-Nimr stressed that the fighting in the Gaza Strip has moved beyond a national battle between Palestinians and the Israeli occupation, and has become a “religious war” in which all surrounding Muslim youth are included. The world must participate, and the responsibility for working in this war and finding a just position lies with the young man himself.

Messr Salama, a Sharia researcher at the Ministry of Endowments in Gaza, sent a message to Arab and Islamic youth that they should support the Palestinian resistance and the residents of Gaza, noting that the achievements made so far by the resistance on the battlefield ” What is needed is “continued global consolidation.”

The participants recognized that the “Flood of Youth” celebration represents a step on the road to victory over the “Al-Aqsa Flood”, and stressed the need to build direct logical and moral bridges between the Gaza Strip and foreign countries on an ongoing basis. Will work to boost the morale of the people of the region and strengthen their determination.

In the Gulf, Kuwaiti Tariq al-Shaya, head of the “Youth for Al-Quds International” association, considered the perseverance and tenacity of the people of Gaza as a daily lesson from which the people of the world learn from the beginning. Israeli aggression against them, and he stressed the position of the Kuwaiti people rejecting normalization and tolerance with the Israeli occupation, regardless of the consequences and consequences.

efforts to unify

For his part, human rights activist Ibrahim al-Naji, in an interview with Al Jazeera Net, praised the initiative of the “Flood of Youth” festival, and pointed out the importance of the unified dialogue that brings together hundreds of youth who support it. We do. Palestinian cause, and stressed that this type of discussion helps to unify ideas and connect them in a way that facilitates their transformation into concrete actions.

They also stressed the need to broaden and expand the scope of these activities to include European youth, as well as affirming the presence of great passion among young people who support this objective and participate in those activities. Want those who make a positive contribution on the ground.

Pointing out the crisis situation in the Gaza Strip, Al-Naji stressed the need to move from the phase of planning and consultation to the phase of real action by organizing demonstrations and providing assistance in all available ways. There is an urgent need for immediate action to support them.

For its part, the International Union of Muslim Scholars calls scholars, preachers, preachers, heads and secretaries of Islamic associations, organizations and bodies in all Arab countries to dedicate a sermon next Friday, February 9, to unify and present all Called for. As part of the activities of the “International Jerusalem Week”, legal, legal and historical aspects related to the issue of Jerusalem and Palestine Jihad.

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