Blinken: There is still “room for compromise” between Israel and Hamas

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken acknowledged on Wednesday that there is still “room for compromise” between Israel and Hamas, following strongly worded statements by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Blinken said, “There are things in Hamas's response that are clearly unacceptable. We believe this opens the way to reaching an agreement and we are working tirelessly on that until that agreement is reached.” It doesn't happen.”

At the same time, Blinken said on Wednesday that he has warned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his government against actions that increase tension.

Blinken told reporters, “In my conversation today with the Prime Minister and senior officials, I expressed my deep concern about the actions and statements, including by government officials, that are escalating tensions that are undermining international support and “Imposing more sanctions on Israel's security.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that complete victory in Gaza is within our reach, and stressed that while his government has made no promises regarding a ceasefire agreement proposed by the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), he Told that talks are still going on.

During a press conference held on Wednesday, Netanyahu reiterated his pledge to continue the war until Hamas is eliminated, indicating that achieving Israeli goals in this war is a matter of months, and there is no turning back from victory. .

and it was U.S. Secretary of State I called earlier on Wednesday Following his meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and senior Israeli officials in Tel Aviv – “We are all committed to doing everything in our power to provide essential assistance to those who need it most, and The steps that are being taken and the steps that are being taken.” The focus in my meetings here is on additional steps that need to be taken.

Blinken further said, “I visited Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Egypt and I believe there is a very positive future in which Israel will integrate into the region, address its security concerns and achieve the ambitions of the Palestinian people.” Will do.”

Blinken hoped to reach an agreement to free prisoners held by the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) and the rest of the Palestinian factions, but Israeli media said Netanyahu informed him that Israel would eliminate Hamas before it could attack Gaza. Will not end the war.

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