Biden…and his missteps

US President Joe Biden, the leader of the world's “most powerful and influential country”, has had many slips of the tongue…proud and determined to be a participant and biggest supporter of Israel's genocidal war against Gaza. strip.

These “missteps” reflect political confusion, psychological confusion, and a display of the subconscious mind, and perhaps indicate a form of insanity and dementia (poor mental performance). As a result of Biden's advancing age (81 years), his behavior and his administration in the Middle East, especially since the “Al-Aqsa Flood” operation, have revealed foolishness and stupidity.

This is because the US President, by his blind support for Israel morally, materially and militarily, has opened the gates of hell for military bases and US interests in the Arab region, and a great deal of hostility towards “America”. Has created a wave. Popular – not official – Arab and Islamic circles.

Not expanding the war or singling out the Palestinians?

Here Biden is pushing his country, along with Britain, America's obedient follower, into an aggressive war against Yemen. In defense of Israeli commercial interests, which threaten to complicate navigation in the Red Sea and ignite the entire region, contrary to the stated “American goal” of not expanding the scope of the war, while the real goal is to enable the Zionists The aim is to create an entity to monopolize the “Palestinian people” in the Gaza Strip, destroy them, displace survivors of the genocide, and prevent any other party from supporting it. This is American stupidity, manifested and embodied in a president who is loose-tongued and often slips.

Biden and Modi

A return to the slips and misses of “Biden's tongue”… The most recent of these was last (Sunday) in front of a large audience in the US city of Chicago, when he recalled a conversation at a meeting Were. He met, in 2021, in Britain, with the French President, “François Mitterrand”…meaning current French President Emmanuel Macron, not President Mitterrand, who died in 1996.

“Biden” has already been caught in such mistakes and missteps which are difficult to count. He ended one of his speeches several months earlier by saying: “God save the Queen,” with which speeches to officials in the United Kingdom (Britain + Northern Ireland) conclude.

China owns a share of Biden's mistakes. During one of his visits to Canada (last year), he greeted China instead of Canada in his speech before the Canadian Parliament. As happened in his speech last June during a campaign to raise funds for his election campaign… when he criticized the biography of his friend Narendra Modi (Indian Prime Minister), saying that he would There is a minister from a small… and now the largest country in the world… “China.” …After a while he realized that it was India.

Defaming Putin and Hamas

Russia and its President Putin are also a passion for Biden. Hours after his tirade against Indian Prime Minister Modi, in response to a journalist's question about the insurgency by the Russian irregular military group Wagner led by Yevgeny Prigozhin, he said: “It is clear that Putin “does not want” the war in Iraq. Losing…even though they meant Ukraine.

Last October (after the Al-Aqsa flooding), Biden talked about what he called (smart investments in Ukraine and Israel), in which he described Putin as a tyrant and similar to Hamas (believing that Hamas is a devil) … which provoked harsh Russian criticism, because it is considered to be financing wars. It is a smart investment.

This is in addition to Biden – perhaps due to his unstable mental state – promoting lies about Hamas beheading children and raping Israeli women, and espousing these lies in his own words, despite denials by the White House. Repeat.

secret of subconscious mind

What's behind the omissions and slips of the tongue… and what do these omissions indicate? The issue of slips of the tongue and omissions of the pen loomed large on me; The founder of the school of psychoanalysis is the Austrian Jewish scientist Sigmund Freud (1856-1939 AD)… According to his studies, there is a dark side in the psyche, which he called “unconscious” or subconscious, and he influences this side on human behavior. Have profound effects, and may cause… certain psychological disorders that affect a person.

Slips of the tongue, slips of the pen and forgetting appointments are a field or platform for the subconscious mind to express its hidden and repressed secrets. According to Freud, in these slips of pen or tongue one alters the intended meaning of words without one's will or intention, causing great embarrassment, which is similar to Biden's slip.

When a person wishes he had not fallen into this mistake… An example of this is when a person writes a letter to his friend and says: Thank God for the curse (instead of the blessing) you are in. .. In addition, if a person forgets an appointment with another, there is often a hidden desire on the part of the former to avoid or run away from this meeting.

hidden hatred

Freud attributes most of these missteps to the following; To subconscious or semi-conscious motives, negative or positive, that the person committing the mistake does not realize, nor is he aware of their existence… But they are related to the mistake, and they are repressed love, Jealousy, maybe. Subconscious hatred, or something like that.

One indication of this in Biden's case is Biden's repeated slips of the tongue about China and Russia, including his slip of the tongue in February last year – when he was in the Polish capital, Warsaw – that “Putin is in power. cannot continue,” which prompted Macron to say: “To warn that such statements are dangerous, confusing and likely to escalate conflict.

In addition to Freud's interpretation of “slips of the tongue” – and in continuation of it – from a modern medical perspective, “imperfections”, such as those that escape Joe Biden's tongue, indicate mental decline or Alzheimer's – albeit limited –, Where the person becomes absent for a period of time, or to another location, or both for a few moments, before returning to consciousness, a slip of the tongue occurs.

It means the universe is in great danger… when someone like Biden is at the head of the superpower of our times.

We seek protection from God.

The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the editorial position of Al Jazeera.

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