Al-Nashama fans: We burned the papers and pens of football analysts. We beat Korean and qualified

This is the joy of those who have crossed the boundaries of football. It is a feeling of pride, honor and pride. The Jordan team said the same thing to the big fans of Jordan in Qatar yesterday, Tuesday. Well-deserved qualification on the South Korean team, the foremost candidate to win the 2023 Qatar Asian Cup title.

All of the above is one thing, and what happened in front of the Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium yesterday was quite another for the Jordanians. They are living in a state of unprecedented historical excitement and tremendous happiness that we have never seen before. Fans of teams participating in the first tournament. They – as they say – write a new football history in the region and the Asian continent.

we are its heroes

Jordan fan Basil Al-Rai told Al Jazeera Net that his team restored its football dignity in front of the world by performing better with a brilliant display of results and tactical organization put in place by Moroccan coach Hussein Amouta, noting that This tournament, the Jordan team is a phenomenon that has been repeated, but it has caused shock in the Asian continent.

Al-Rai believes the performance capped the result as amazing, and if it indicates anything, it indicates that star players will accept nothing less than the cup, no matter which team Will qualify for the final (Qatar – Iran), explaining that what the players did throughout the tournament confirms that they have their eyes on the title, we will not give up on it all.

The Jordanian team achieved a big surprise by defeating the South Korean team deservedly and deservedly in the semi-final match of the 2023 Asian Cup at the Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium, so that “Jordan Nshama” taught his Korean counterpart a lesson in football and they became the team's Dominated and won with a score of 2-0. ​​The Jordanian player was on top of the match from the beginning and was closest to scoring several times, but he waited for the second half to settle the thrilling match.

starchy fan
The fans are proud of their team and the historic achievement it has achieved in this tournament (Al Jazeera).

We exceeded expectations and qualified

Despite his voice missing during his conversation with Al Jazeera Net, Muhammad al-Khitan did not hide his emotions. His clear, red eyes, the color of the Jordanian shemagh, translated his emotions and what was inside him. He said, “We are its heroes, and it is ours, and we will not go back without it.”

“What happened on the field is huge, especially since we are playing South Korea, the best team on the continent,” Al-Khitan said.

He said that everyone was scaring us, and the analysts were scaring us that Jordan would leave the tournament today with their heads held high after the historic achievement of reaching the semi-finals, but our people did not care about the football talk and the analysis which Ruled by pen and paper. We, the stars, broke the pen, burned the paper, defeated the Koreans, and became worthy.

Siddiq Muhammad entered the conversation, supporting his words, saying that the day before the match, analysts from our Jordanian and Arab sports channels were saying that it is very difficult for Jordan to advance to the finals, because of the name of football. Rules are set accordingly. Among the leading teams, and the Korean team, which, even if it will not decide the result during the beginning of the match, will do so in the end, as coach Amouta will use the defensive method as a means to end the match. In the draw and go to penalty kicks.

starchy fan
Fans are happy that Jordan team reached the final match (Al Jazeera)

Ahmed Al-Nawasra believes that the star players surprised the Korean people and all football fans in the world, and Korean national team coach Jurgen Klinsmann did not know about Amouta's offensive plan from the beginning of the match, And during the match the match warned that the score could be more than 2–0. Al-Nawasra jokes, “The result came with mercy.” And have mercy, Korean.”

Al-Nawasreh did not hide their concern about the events of the first half from Al-Jazeera Net, which was under Jordan's control, but there were no goals during the first 45 minutes, which struck some fear in the hearts of Jordanian fans. . It was very similar to the match with Saudi Arabia dominating and scoring, but Korea won in the end.

After the match, Jordanian fans happily marched through the streets of Qatar, from the Doha Corniche to Lusail and Mushireb, and were stationed in Souq Waqif, chanting slogans in support of Al-Nashma and their coach Amouta, Were demanding. Cup in Amman from the Lusail Stadium in the final match.

starchy fan
Al-Nashama fans expect the team to win the continental title (Al-Jazeera)

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